Q: Why are teachers receiving Chromebooks?
A:  Certificated staff are receiving a Chromebook to support their professional responsibilities--for professional development and for their administrative work.  Furthermore, the Chromebook will fulfill the contractual agreement made with the Monroe Education Association.  As part of the MEA Collective Bargaining Agreement, Section 3.A.1, paragraph 2 states:  "Beginning in the 2016/17 school year, teachers participating in a District professional development training will be provided a portable electronic device."

Q:   When will teachers receive their Chromebook?
A:  Certificated staff will receive their Chromebook by participating in District-sponsored professional development--either online or workshop.  These events will be posted in ProDev, look for courses titled "Chromebook Academy".  Teachers can also receive a Chromebook by verifying their status as a Google Certified Educator.  Visit the GAFE Certification page to learn more about submitting your documentation.

Q:  What professional development will be offered for certificated staff?
A:  There are three options to choose from.  
  1. By traditional workshop.  Look for the "Chromebook Academy" events in PDS.
  2. By online course in Canvas.  Look for the "Online:  Chromebook Academy" events in PDS
  3. By proof of certification.  Teachers can submit their Google Certified Educator Level 1 or 2 certificate(s).  Visit the GSuite Certification page to submit the document.
Q:  What topics will be discussed during the Chromebook Academies?
A:  The workshop will be focused on using the Chromebook and Google Apps in the classroom environment with a focus on collaboration and digital citizenship.

Q:  Who has already received their Chromebook?
A:  Please speak with Anne Proctor or Rachelle Butz to obtain the most current list.
Dell Chromebook 11

Q:  Do teachers have to attend the professional development to receive the Chromebook?
A:  Yes.  It is a contractual requirement.  More importantly, it is important for teachers to have time to collaborate on the ideas they learn and build relationships with teachers from across the District.  Alternatively, teachers may choose to provide documentation of achieving status as a Google Certified Educator Level 1 and/or Level 2 and join the Digital Learning GAFE Honor Roll.  To learn more about certification, please visit the GAFE Certification page.

Q:  What if I do not want a Chromebook, do I have to take one?
A:  No.  It is not a requirement but is highly recommended.  As we move to conserve paper and share resources digitally in meetings and professional development, it may be difficult for those without the portable electronic device to fully participate.  

Q:  What do I have to sign or agree to when taking the Chromebook?
A:  Certificated staff must sign and agree to the Chromebook User Agreement.  This document reminds them of the Responsible Use Policy 4780P4780, and outlines the procedures for use and care of the Chromebook.

Q: Will I have to return the Chromebook when I retire or end my employment with MPS?
A:  Yes.  When you retire or end your employment with MPS you will need to return the Chromebook and its power adapter.  The Chromebook should be returned in the condition it was given to you with normal wear and tear.