The Promethean ACTIVboard can be found in many of the classrooms in the district.  The ACTIVboard is similar to the SMARTboard, offering many of the same capabilities minus touch input.  Instead, the ACTIVboard depends on the teacher or student interacting with content via an electronic pen.  The ACTIVboard can be part of an integrated system of tools that may have been purchased by your building, including student response, audio, and projector.

What is the ACTIVboard?

An ACTIVboard is an interactive whiteboard that comes bundled with interactive software, ActivInspire, that has been specially developed to allow students to click-on, write-on, and interact with virtual objects placed on a flipchart file using an ACTIVpen stylus.  The ACTIVclassroom system requires four unique technologies working together, they are:
  1. classroom computer (Windows or MacOS)
  2. projector - connected to the computer via VGA cable
  3. ACTIVboard - connected to the computer via USB cable
  4. ACTIVInspire - presentation software to create Flipchart files

How does the ACTIVboard work?

The ACTIVboard is connected to a computer; the computer is connected to a projector.  The projector mirrors the image of what is on the computer screen.  The ACTIVboard with ACTIVpen act as the mouse, or pointing device, so that the student or teacher can use the ACTIVInspire software to create annotations and objects on a digital flipchart.

How are students and teachers using their ACTIVboard?

How do I use an ACTIVboard?

Watch this 5 minute video to learn the basics of using an ACTIVboard.