MimioBoard FAQs

In this video (53m), DeAnn and Robert walk you through all that you need to know to begin using the MimioBoard in your classroom.  You can jump to the individual topics by visiting the Questions and Answers below.
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How do I use the teacher mic? https://youtu.be/TKT2lqKbx5Q?t=30s 
How do I clean the MimioBoard? https://youtu.be/TKT2lqKbx5Q?t=3m1s 
How do I turn on the MimioBoard? https://youtu.be/TKT2lqKbx5Q?t=4m16s 
How do I customize the homescreen background image? https://youtu.be/TKT2lqKbx5Q?t=12m 
How do I use the Note app from the Home Screen? https://youtu.be/TKT2lqKbx5Q?t=12m48s 
How do I access the PC on the MimioBoard? https://youtu.be/TKT2lqKbx5Q?t=17m44s 
How do I login to the PC on the MimioBoard? https://youtu.be/TKT2lqKbx5Q?t=19m 
How do I use the wireless keyboard with the MimioBoard? https://youtu.be/TKT2lqKbx5Q?t=20m2s 
How do I access my U: Drive from the PC on the MimioBoard? https://youtu.be/TKT2lqKbx5Q?t=23m23s 
How do I use PowerPoint's inking tools when giving a presentation on the MimioBoard? https://youtu.be/TKT2lqKbx5Q?t=23m37s 
How do I turn on the document camera? https://youtu.be/TKT2lqKbx5Q?t=28m12s 
How do I display two windows side by side on the MimioBoard? https://youtu.be/TKT2lqKbx5Q?t=31m38s 
How do I play a DVD on the MimioBoard? https://youtu.be/TKT2lqKbx5Q?t=32m49s 
How do I adjust the volume on the MimioBoard? https://youtu.be/TKT2lqKbx5Q?t=34m41s 
How do I use the whiteboard software on the MimioBoard? https://youtu.be/TKT2lqKbx5Q?t=36m46s 
How do I access my Google Slides presentations on the MimioBoard? https://youtu.be/TKT2lqKbx5Q?t=40m35s 
How do I sign-in to Chrome on the MimioBoard? https://youtu.be/TKT2lqKbx5Q?t=41m18s 
How do I connect a Chromebook to the MimioBoard? https://youtu.be/TKT2lqKbx5Q?t=43m29s 
How do I connect other devices to the MimioBoard? https://youtu.be/TKT2lqKbx5Q?t=45m36s 
How do I use the webcam to create a virtual meeting? https://youtu.be/TKT2lqKbx5Q?t=48m38s 
How do I request help when something goes wrong with the MimioBoard? https://youtu.be/TKT2lqKbx5Q?t=51m32s 
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