2012–present Atlanta, GA

Linux System Engineer

  • Wrote Python code nearly every day using 100% test-driven development.
  • Automated systems and processes.
  • Software tool development using the agile method.
  • Mentored developing tool programmers in a formal program.

2007–2012 Google, Inc. Atlanta, GA

Linux System Administrator, System Engineer

  • Wrote Python code nearly every day using nearly 100% test-driven development.
  • Taught classes including Linux kernel internals.
  • Served as a mentor in various capacities.
  • Engaged in various types of data analysis.

2007 Emory University, Research Computing Atlanta, GA

Lead UNIX System Administrator

  • As part of the HPC team, helped select and install a 1024-core (256-machine), Linux-based high-performance computing cluster.
  • Served on selection committee, attended vendor meetings and reviewed proposals.
  • Assisted with reviewing and selecting data center space.
  • Worked on physical installation of systems including network cables and installing the OS on each system.
  • Wrote Python code to help manage clusters via serial console ports, and to analyze logs for usage accounting.
  • Also helped maintain the older 128-core (64-machine) cluster, and other research computing systems.
  • Hardware included Sun X2200, X4200, X4500 Thumper, Foundry BI-RX, Sun 6140 storage.

2005–2007 Emory University, AAIT CTS Atlanta, GA

Lead UNIX System Administrator

  • Maintained Email system with up to 26 servers, up to 42,000 accounts.
  • Designed and implemented conversion of UW IMAP servers (Solaris) to Cyrus IMAP (RHEL 3).
  • Wrote code in Perl, and a little C, to do migrations while servers were on-line and in use. This included moving email files across the network and synchronizing processes on two servers as well as updating LDAP.
  • Continued to maintain Wiki documentation.
  • Continued to help maintain account management software.
  • Conducted a series of training sessions for a new identity management group on the account management software.
  • Continued to develop a library of object classes for system software in Perl and to write many tools.

2001–2005 Emory University, ITD Technical Services Atlanta, GA

Lead UNIX System Administrator

  • As part of team, wrote account management software for provisioning accounts synchronizing passwords to diverse systems, UNIX, LDAP, others.
  • Continued to develop a library of object classes for system software in Perl and used to write many tools.
  • Upgraded systems to Solaris 8 and Solaris 9
  • Began implementing production systems on Red Hat Linux
  • Wrote software and process for distributing users across multiple email systems and migration
  • Set up a group documentation Wiki
  • Automated and documented many system admin functions using Perl and POD.
  • Hardware includes Sun Enterprise 220R, 420R, 280, 480, Ultra 10, 240, 440, connected to EMC Symmetrix and CLARiiON, Egenera, HP DL360

1997–2001 Emory University, ITD Internet/Intranet Services Atlanta, GA

Senior UNIX System Administrator

  • As part of a team, administer about 30 Solaris servers providing internet and intranet services to about 23,000 users.
  • Rolled out upgrade to campus-wide email architecture to eliminate reliability problems.
  • Wrote RFP and RFI for a new campus-wide email system.
  • Upgraded all systems to the same Solaris version (2.6).
  • Tested and modified systems for Y2K, including custom in-house NIS+/Kerberos password synch software.
  • Installed and maintained software to provide campus-wide email, USENET news, DNS, CSO on-line phone book, NIS+, Radius, and Kerberos authentication, and on-line timeshare services.
  • Automated and documented many system admin functions using Perl and POD.
  • Hardware includes Sun Enterprise 4000s, 450s, 250s, 220Rs, 420Rs, 280s, 480s, Ultra 10s, SPARCserver 1000s, SPARCstorage arrays, A3500 StorEdge, other SPARCstation 20s, and many other SPARCstations.
  • Provide consulting to other units in ITD. Reviewed RFPs and proposals.
  • Taught classes in UNIX and Perl programming.
  • Wrote system monitoring scripts and admin tools (e.g., password sync) in Perl.

1993–1997 Emory University, ITD CRS Atlanta, GA

Senior Computing Consultant

  • Provided senior-level technical support to Computing Resource Services, ITD, and other departments at Emory.
  • Administered UNIX (Solaris, BSD), Novell 3.x and 4.x, and NT servers.
  • Installed and administered the first Novell System Fault Tolerant III server on campus.
  • Provided AIX consulting to the Beck Center for Electronic Texts in the Woodruff Library
  • Technical Architecture Team; Architecture, Standards and Recommendations Board; Network Planning Working Group; Facilitators Guild; Electronic Infrastructure Committee (Woodruff Library); Software Server Committee; Center for Library and Information Resources at Emory Planning Team.
  • Wrote web-based, on-line performance review system in Perl/CGI and UNIX system monitoring tool.

1993–1996 Georgia State University Atlanta, GA

Graduate Lab Assistant

  • Taught Astronomy 101 and 102 labs for ~13 quarters.

1987–1993 Emory University, ITD CRS Atlanta, GA

Supervisor Consulting

  • Built and led a team of five professional consultants plus student employees who supported UNIX, VM, VMS, DOS, MacOS, and dozens of third party applications.
  • Trained consultants in UNIX, networking and other topics.
  • Wrote call tracking software in NeXTSTEP
  • Was also in charge of short course training program, software licensing and distribution, ITD computing labs, at various times.

1985–1987 Emory University, ITD CRS Atlanta, GA


  • Supported end users on UNIX, VM, VMS, DOS, MacOS.
  • Installed and maintained third-party mainframe software (SPSS, SAS, TeX, etc.)
  • Implemented TeX on all of the above platforms and set up printing to large Xerox printers in data center using Pascal, REXX.

1980–1985 Museum of Arts and Sciences Macon, GA

Director of Astronomy

  • Responsible for the development of planetarium and astronomy education programs for the general public and schools.
  • Developed and maintained planetarium, observatory and support facilities.
  • Led staff of one assistant and up to twelve part-time employees. Responsible for astronomy budget and planning.
  • Built low-voltage control system and implemented automation for slide projectors. Wrote software for programming slide sequences in Turbo Pascal.
  • Purchased photometer for observatory and established Astronomical Research Group, a team of five astronomers in the area.


  • UNIX (Linux (Ubuntu, Debian, RedHat Enterprise Linux, CentOS), Solaris, BSD, SVR4, AIX, HP/UX, NeXTSTEP), Windows XP and 2000; in years past: all previous versions of Windows and DOS; also MacOS all versions, VAX/VMS, VM/CMS, MVS.
  • Python (object-oriented), Perl (mainly object-oriented), C, FORTRAN, Ksh, Objective-C, Pascal, Modula-2, BASIC.
  • Have written programs in Smalltalk, C++, LISP, APL, SNOBOL, and yes, even structured COBOL.
  • Recently have written a few programs learning Go, Scala.
  • Reluctantly, Javascript with some JQuery, Angular, React.  Nearly all JSLint compliant.  Fascinated by Ampersand and Cyclic.
  • For occasional, personal fun and joy, Squeak Smalltalk and Racket Scheme LISP.
  • Grid Engine, IBRIX file system
  • Veritas Volume Manager and File System on Solaris with SPARCstorage arrays, and EMC. Raid Manager with A1000, A3500.
  • Sendmail, Procmail, UW IMAP and POP, BIND, NTP, Tcpwrappers, OpenSSH, Apache, Tcpdump, OpenLDAP, CVS, Big Brother, MySQL, Exim, Squid, and others.
  • Backend services implemented using REST and JSON servers.
  • Git, Mercurial, Bazaar, Perforce and SVN.
  • Have engaged in purely test-driven development with unit testing in Python (since 2007) and just a bit in Java using Eclipse.
  • Mapreduce, Bigtable, Protocol buffers, Colossus file system, and the Google File System.
  • Some exposure to Thrift and Finagle.
  • Mesos, Aurora, Hadoop, HDFS, Cassandra, Pig, and Zookeeper.
  • Virtualbox in recent years and VMware in the past.
  • AWS S3 and EC2.


Georgia Institute of Technology Atlanta, GA

  • B.S. Physics.
  • Focus on optics.
  • Computer science core curriculum.

Georgia State University Atlanta, GA

  • Completed all course work, qualifying exam, oral qualifier, and most research toward a PhD in astronomy.
  • Research on modeling spectroscopy of rapidly rotating Be stars including software written in FORTRAN and Perl.


  • Spectroscopy, cosmology, computational astronomy, operating systems, networking and telecommunications, object-oriented programming, technical architecture.
  • Amateur astronomy, computing, chess, photography, Italian cooking, science fiction, movies.


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“Introduction to UNIX” (Two 2.5-hr sessions)

“Understanding UNIX-Advanced” (Four 2.5-hr sessions, 349 slides)

“Perl Programming” (Three 2.5-hr sessions, 253 slides)

A series of classes (six 1-hr sessions) on Linux kernel internals taught internally at Google.