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Being Free

"Money is a new form of slavery, and distinguishable from the old simply by the fact that it is impersonal -- that there is no human relation between master and slave." - Leo Tolstoy

“And there was a cry of the people...against their brethren the Jews...we have mortgaged our lands, vineyards, and houses that we might buy corn because of the dearth...and lo, we bring into bondage our sons and our daughters to be servants...some of our daughters are brought into bondage already; neither is it in our power to redeem them for other men have our lands and our vineyards...” BIBLE: NE: 5:1,7

“Let me issue and control a nation's money and I care not who makes its Laws.” ANSELM MEYER ROTHSCHILD (major owner of world banks)

The simple fact is we have national debt and personal debt that cannot
ever be paid off under the current system because new money is created
solely in the creation of debt but the money to pay the interest is
never created. Interest compounds exponentially increasing debt
without the corresponding creation of the money required to ever pay
the interest making economic collapse inevitable. The poverty and war
that is instigated for the sole purpose of increasing debt and the
resulting increase in the wealth and power of the money masters would
be reason enough to change the system even if it could work. The
simple fact is it cannot work and must be changed.

The reality is that the economic transformation will be evolutionary,
not revolutionary. What will determine the future will be application
of the principles on a small scale initially, and different competing
systems learning from each other with gradual expansion and
refinement. The challenge here is to find opportunities to
demonstrate these ideas and take the initial first steps toward the
dream by correcting the primary problems first and then addressing the
resulting issues while developing the complete vision of where we are
going and how we are getting there from here.

The Resource Based Economy of the Venus Project is an excellent
example of what to me is a great vision of the future that is totally
impractical and is potentially dangerous because it is much too much,
much to soon, and fatally incomplete. The complete elimination of all
money and all laws is certainly a pipe dream. At the same time, it
is to me, a long term vision that has good merit though many of the
specific elements I expect will be outdated before they could ever be

We first need to be focused on minimalistic measures
to correct the current system. The Monetary Reform Act directly
addresses the major issue in correcting the debt based economy.
Without taking such a step, I do not see how any other national
currency reform is possible. Rather than a potential complete
solution to all the problems facing humanity it seems more prudent to
focus on the minimal change we can get a consensus on and then argue
how we could make it better.

Once we have money that belongs to the people we must face the other
issues that inhibit the creation of value in a free market, resource
depletion and market displacement by providing the necessary
incentives and disincentives by public spending and taxing policies.

In the current control hierarchy the money masters sit at the top,
once they are dethroned, it will be the multinational military
industrial complex left at the top continuing to be the hidden hand
controlling our media and governments. We have the responsibility to
insure that we affirmatively promote the decentralization of industry
and agriculture by our spending and taxing policies. Free enterprise
is not the same as lasifare capitalism. Monopolies and other huge
conglomerates suppress free trade, they do not exemplify it. Taxing
the mega corporations to subsidize market diversity is necessary to
strengthen the market and maintain free trade. Taxing windfall
profits to subsidize redirection of displaced markets is not just the
humanitarian thing to do, it benefits everyone.

It would be irresponsible for us to allow a few greedy people to
exploit our shared resources for their own exclusive benefit. As our
shared resources are depleted and rendered nonrenewable we ought tax
such depletion. The tax ought be increased as the resource becomes
scarce to prevent the extinction of the resource and reflect its
growing future value as it becomes a scarce commodity. Such taxation
encourages the preservation of our scarce resources while encouraging
the development of our abundant resources.

On the other hand, taxing income and sales stifles the economy and is
the worst thing we could do. Money that circulates continually
creates value. This cycle is stymied by taxes on transactions and is
self defeating. the total tax can be greatly reduced once we stop
paying interest to the money masters for no good reason. Once begin
taxing what ought to be taxed we can stop taxing what ought not be
taxed. Eliminating taxes on income and sales will be the greatest
economic stimulus package imaginable and give us the opportunity to
become a wealthy civilization. It will remove government interference
with doing business freely and simply. enterprise that is taxed is
not free.

The capital of the planet is our resources, and in principle we all
share ownership of those resources, and have the collective
responsibility to invest them wisely. This includes all resources
especially human resources. Responsible taxing and spending will
insure our resources are not squandered and that conditions are ripe
for maximal value creation, and baking our money with actual value.

Once the money masters and imperialist capitalists have been put in
their place by effective monetary policy, government regulation is the
next greatest threat to our ability to create value and to our
freedom. Law is the antithesis of freedom. The tyranny of the
majority is mob rule, not wise leadership. Government is responsible
for monetary policy with strict guidelines for sustaining our economy
and planet using objective criteria, not public whim. Government
primary responsibility is to protect our freedom, not limit it. Large
organization are particularly bad at decision making and should not be
making decisions about how we ought life the good life.

The financial crises has led many to believe we need more government
regulation. Nothing could be further from the truth. The extreme
degree of regulation makes the notion that the free market has failed
ridiculous. Mainly, what regulation has done is make doing business
more expensive for honest people and more profitable for crooks. It
puts many businesses out of business and does not fix anything. For
example, whatever trades are illegal in this country are done overseas
as a matter of course. No government can control trading in today's
international economy. It only makes us less competitive and more
vulnerable. We cannot improve our quality of life by making laws that
fill more buildings. Instead, we need to let laws expire
automatically and get down to laws that all fit in one book. Our only
personal contract with society should be that we will not interfere
with anyone else's freedom if they do not interfere with our freedom.
Collectively we have added responsibilities in our collective action
but these need not, and ought not, interfere with our individual
freedoms. (see also Wall Street)

Now, once we have reclaimed our freedom by taking it back from the
money masters, the industrialists, and the government, we can begin
engineering a great future for humanity proactively and effectively
capitalize on our human and natural resources to create value rather
than squandering them.. But if we do not reclaim our freedom first,
all efforts will be in vain and our good, well intended ideas will be
exploited to enslave us for the benefit of the few at the expense of
us all. There can be nothing real or moral while the powerful few
have the power as they control the masses by our deception. Given the
real freedom to fulfill our dreams will eventually mean we have no
need for money, as long as our dreams do not interfere with the dreams
of others. The notion that we can capitalize on our share of the
earths resources is no pipe dream. Unlike money, resources embody
actual value, rather then a pretense of value supported only by our
blind faith and blissful ignorance of our slavery to those who
controls it in the society that demands it.

It may seem a bit crazy to think of living without money, but we at
least must think of living without the money of the money changers.
The current crises is a direct result of the IMF contracting the money
supply. As long as we depend on their money if will be taken away
from us by them at will. It is preferable that money represents real
, but we ought happily use any money that belongs to the
people, and render to the money changers all their money that
has no value, just as we would "render unto Caesar that
which is Caesar's
" (he'll get it anyway).

Grass roots economies offer the immediate promise of alternative to
using their money, We ought to be the dream. Nothing else can make
it happen. We should insist on the right to pay taxes in currency
that belongs to the people and represents value. Though, if we use
less than our share of resources, and do not interfere with the
freedoms of others, we should pay no taxes at all, and be compensated
by those using an excess of resources, and not need money at all.

There is no one perfect monetary system in my view. We need to
enable, by our participation, whatever exchange systems we trust, and
build decentralized cooperatives of these trading exchanges, to enable
transactions between members of different exchanges. In this way we
can realize the dream and never by enslaved again by the new money

It is easier said, than done. Without government backing it is
difficult to achieve a bases for trust, but there are many small
working examples to build and improve on. That is the challenge we
must face while advocating monetary reform in government. Should we
succeed, our slavery to the money changers currency will be ended and
there will no longer be any power behind the resistance to monetary
reform in government. But I strongly believe that even the slightest
suggestion that grass roots economies might be succeeding will
stimulate radical change in national currencies.

While monetary reform is our greatest threat and opportunity for the
enrichment of humanity today, we ought be wary of powerful
corporations and governments simply taking the reins from the money
masters in depriving the people of the benefits of our labors, our God
given rights, and our share of the earths bounty.

Being free, is a cooperative effort. It is a responsibility
government has botched as the founding fathers anticipated. We cannot
count on government to provide freedom for us, it is beyond the power
of any institution to grant that. To be free we must simply live
free, and support each other in being so, in the freedom militia by
legal recourse and passive resistance. A necessary step, is using our
own money
. It is not the only step, but it is most important in
ending hardship and fulfilling our dreams at this time, avoiding the
otherwise inevitable economic collapse.