Our Purpose

The Purpose (Mission)

    Our purpose is to help #SavetheChinook, we do this by taking part in river clean-ups and riparian restoration events. Riparian restoration is the ecological restoration of native habitats.  Most of the Tuolumne riparian zone has been lost due to human activity. By helping out with riparian restoration activities, you can help restore necessary floodplains by replacing non-native plants/weeds with native plants that benefit and support the ecosystem, including salmon. During river clean-ups we go to rivers or creeks such as the Tuolumne or Dry Creek and pick up trash left by the homeless. Obviously this helps to clean up trash but this  also helps by pushing the homeless out of an area. The homeless restrict the beauties of the Tuolumne River and the area around it for many people who visit. Picking up trash helps the ecosystem and helps the Chinook too. Trash blocks swim passages that the Chinook take to get to popular birth streams. These birth streams are crucial to the Chinook's survival. Also, the Chinook helps the ecosystem around it. While migrating from the Pacific Ocean, they bring nutrients that release into the river and ecosystem when they die. The Chinook are not only a beautiful species, but a crucial part of our ecosystem. The Tuolumne River needs their resources to survive. So, we must strive to preserve this keystone species, if we want to survive.