Mr. Renaldo Rucker, Jr.'s Teacher Website


Currently Mr. Renaldo Rucker, Jr. is a Resource Teacher at Grace Davis High School and Adviser for the Black Student Union (BSU).  Mr. Rucker has 9 years experience as a Special Education Teacher in the Modesto City Schools District.  Mr. Rucker obtained his Business Degree from San Jose State University in 2002.  For the next 7 years Mr. Rucker held either management (or sales) positions in retail, grocery, fitness health, and the newspaper industry.  He also owned a start up entertainment/community organization for 5 years during this span.  Mr. Rucker arrived in Modesto from the Bay Area his 8th grade year, and then graduated from Peter Johansen High School.  He currently teaches an Entrepreneurship Class/Business Leadership class title, "NFTE Entrepreneur - Owning Your Future".  Mr. Rucker also served the last three years as the adult board president of the United Black Student Unions of California (UBSUC).  Please contact him to find out how you can get involved more in supporting all of our students.                                                                     

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