Who are We?


We are the original family owned and operated bakery in Gainesville. Opened 32 years ago, it is now owned by Chris and Cindy Davidson, and has been for 19 years now. We live and work here, so do our employees.  We try to be very community orientated in all parts of our business, for example we try to buy everything locally, if not then with-in Texas. But never outside the USA.


    We also give back in several ways, like school coloring contest that gives free donuts to all kids who enter (no losers), and free food to Police, Fire, & Rescue workers who put their life on the line for us everyday. United Way receives cash donations from us every year, they keep 93 cents of every dollar in Cooke County.


    Together as a couple, Chris and Cindy have 73 years of business experience, 51 of those years in the Donut industry, the rest in restaurant and convenience store industry. The one thing we have learned for sure is that the old saying, "The customer is king", is not an old wise tail. No, it is a very successful business model, and if you don't follow it, you will fail.


    Our name "Mom's Donut Shop" is not just a name, it is the way we do things. Everything we sell is made with love, just like your Mom made it (or maybe better, shh don't tell her). When you walk into Mom's your family, really! If you're a regular we may see you drive in, and have your order ready by the time you walk in. Of course sometimes you may get told a thing or two also, just like home! 

    In fact, family is so important to us, that we are closed every Sunday and Monday. Sunday is the busiest day the Donut world, but we feel that Sunday is for the Lord, and Monday is for the family! And nobody should work more then 5 days a week!

Contact Us?

Questions, comments, concerns? Shoot us an email at Sales@MomsDonut.com
or call us at the number below.

You can call in your order 24/7  at  (940) 665-1863

Remember we are only open Tue - Sat, 4AM to 2PM.
Give us a Pickup day/time, and a contact to call if we have a question.