STEP 1   (Juniors,  2 semesters)

Proposed  Curriculum  


Emphasis:  Consumer Education topics for consumer education credit / STEP requirements

Skill Sets:  Math Skill Sets,   Transition/Independent Living skills


·       Gross Pay

o   Time - adding and subtracting time

o   Paychecks – Wages,  Overtime,  Piecework,  Salary,  Commission

·       Net Pay

o   Taxes – Federal,  State

o   Social Security

o   Medicare

o   Group insurance

·       Budgeting

o   Averages – average expenses

o   Expenses & percent of total

o   Preparing a budget

·       Checking Accounts

o   Value of coins and currency

o   Deposits

o   Check-writing process

o   Check registers

o   Bank statements and reconciliation

o   Simple interest

·       Cash Purchases

o   Sales tax

o   Total purchasing price

o   Unit pricing

o   Comparison shopping

o   Coupons and rebates

o   Markdown

o   Sales price

·       Loans & Cost of Credit

·       Insurance

·       Careers

o   Interest inventory

o   Career search

o   Resumes/cover letters/interviewing/thank you letters

·       Skill Sets

o   Transition/Independent Living

o   WorkKeys Conversions

o   WorkKeys Decimals/Percents

o   WorkKeys Area/Perimeter/Volume/Circumference

·       Illinois Department of Human Services/Division of Rehabilitation Services (DHS/DRS) guidelines for STEP

*Textbook:  “Mathematics for Business & Personal Finance” – Glencoe McGraw Hill,  copyright 2010


STEP 2  (Seniors,  2 semesters)

Proposed  Curriculum

Emphasis:  Work skills – job seeking & retention, work ethics, competitive employment / STEP requirements

Skill Sets:  Transition/Independent Living skills


·       Interests and Occupations

o   Why people work

o   Self-information

o   Understand industries and occupations,  investigate occupations

o   Transferrable skills

·       Preparing for Work

o   Job search preparation

o   Apprenticeship programs

o   Job search in the digital age

o   Job applications

o   Resumes

o   Contacting employers

o   Interviewing – before, during, after

·       On the Job

o   First day at work – orientation, W4, organizational structure, policies, rules

o   Workplace management

o   Supervisors

o   Job performance and attitudes

o   Grooming, appearance, proper dress

o   Work behavior

o   Worker safety and health

o   Job earnings and paycheck

o   Job changes

·       Success Skills

o   Communication – listen, speak, read, write, group participation

o   Basic Math and Measurement Skills

o   Health and Safety – nutrition, diet, stress, physical fitness, accidents, personal safety

o   Computer and Technology Skills

o   Work Ethic - workshop

·       Managing Your Money

o   Economics

o   Consumers in the marketplace

o   Banking and credit

o   Budgeting, saving, investing money

o   Insurance

o   Taxes

·       Independent Living

o   Law – nature of law, court system, legal services

o   Where to live – housing plan, apartment life

·       Skill Sets:

o   Transition/Independent Living

·       Illinois Department of Human Services/Division of Rehabilitation Services (DHS/DRS) guidelines for STEP

*Textbook:  “Working” - Cengage - copyright 2013