Our Work Training Program:

The Secondary Transitional Experience Program (STEP) is an Illinois Department of Human Services (DHS) Division of Rehabilitation Services (DRS) training/placement program and offered at Moline High School.  STEP helps students prepare to transition to employment, post-secondary education, community participation, and independent living.  Moline High School works closely with DHS/DRS to provide a cooperative education training program between school and the business community which combines work-related classroom instruction at school with actual on-the-job training at local businesses.  Moline High School STEP students are receiving academic and skill set training, they are qualified and available for entry-level positions. 

What  Types  of  Work  Can  a  STEP  Student  Perform?

Such jobs may include, but are not limited to:


Food Service



Manual Labor

Stocking Shelves Bussing Tables Folding Copying Painting 
 Assisting Customers Food Prep Sorting Filing Detailing Cars 
 Unpacking Cleaning Checking Inventory Shredding Landscaping 
Bagging Packaging Cashiering Collating Laundry 
 Recycling Cooking  Stuffing Envelopes


The possibilities are endless........


Thank you to our current work training sites that do an excellent job providing our students with the experience needed to become productive citizens in our community!

Benefits for being a Work Training Site:

·      Work internship for our students as this is part of their work training experience.

·      Approximately 2-4 students accompany our job coach onsite for approximately 2 hours.

·      Our job coach learns the job then trains and monitors the students as they work.

·      There is no cost to the employer. 

·      A certificate of liability insurance is provided by Moline High School. 

Please consider being a job training site


Joseph Ehlers,
Apr 19, 2016, 12:12 PM