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Proven facts that our program benefits our students and the community:


Persons with disabilities, compared with persons without di sabilities, are:

Source:  DeNavas-Walt,C. Proctor,B. Smith,J. (2013).


Learning Grounds Industries Purpose:
Transitioning, in Special Education terms, means to facilitate a successful ‘move’ from high school to life beyond high school, whether that is post-secondary education, employment, independent living, or greater community participation.   
  • Job skill training is essential for students with disabilities.  According to the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment rate for high school graduates is 63% for a person without a disability versus 14% for a person with a disability.  Person's with disabilities are 4 ½ times less likely to be employed versus people without disabilities.  Therefore, job-training/skill acquisition is essential for employment.  
  • Vocational Education at Moline High School works to teach and improve skills necessary for job acquisition and maintenance through meaningful curriculum and valuable job skills training.

Therefore, job-training/skill acquisition is essential for employment.

Our job training sites that make a difference in the lives of our students and community! Thank You!

One way we teach job skills is by sending students out, with a job coach, to local companies where they perform jobs outside of school in a real work environment.  Our students, and job coaches, go to the following local companies: