Curriculum Vitae -- Dr. Makoto (Mac) Yokozawa

CV (in Japanese) as of April 30, 2021

   (Short Introduction)
Until March 2020, Dr. Yokozawa was the head professor of the Market and Organisation Informatics Systems Laboratory at the Graduate School of Informatics, Kyoto University. which is a Joint Research Unit with a private IT services company, Nomura Research Institute, Ltd. 
He has been leading in many study groups for regulatory and policy issues in Japanese government and private sector associations, including broadband policy, spectrum management, Internet governance, personal data protection, digital trade, innovation and Information Society and Economy policies. 
He has been leading multilateral discussions for digital socio-economy policies, including those in OECD, APEC, UNCTAD, ITU and WTO, as well as bilateral dialogues with US, EU, Korea, Taiwan, India and China.

(Full Bio)
Name :   Makoto Yokozawa, Ph. D.

Title and Positions : 

       Former Professor of MOIS Joint Research Unit, Graduate School of Informatics, Kyoto University

        Senior Consultant, Nomura Research Institute, Ltd. 

Office Address: 134 Godo-cho, Yokohama, 240-0005 JAPAN

       Voice Mail & Fax : (Japan) +81-50-5806-2501 (US)  +1-650-653-2501

       E-mail :


Educational Background:

1983 Received BS. from Dept. of Nuclear Engineering, Univ. of Tokyo.

1985 Received MS. from Graduate School of Engineering, Univ. of Tokyo.

1988 Received PhD. from Graduate School of Engineering, Univ. of Tokyo.


Professional Carrier:

1988 Employed by Nomura Research Institute, Ltd.

1998 Visiting Associate Professor at Graduate School of Informatics, Kyoto University.

2000 Senior Consultant at IT Research Div., Nomura Research Institute.

2008 Professor of MOIS Laboratory (Collaborative Research Unit), Graduate School of Informatics, Kyoto University (concurrent)

2014 Visiting Professor at Tokyo University of Science (concurrent)

2016 Fellow at TSC (Technology Strategy Center) of NEDO (New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization) (concurrent)

2021 Senior Research Fellow, Director of Strategic and International Studies, CFIEC (Center for International Economic Cooperation)


Personal Details :

Dr. Yokozawa was educated at the University of Tokyo in Japan, where he obtained a degree of B.A. in 1983 and M.A. in 1985 respectively. And he received his Ph.D. in 1988 in Engineering from the University of Tokyo. His thesis entitled “A Study on the Vector Monte Carlo Method for Neutron Transport Analysis” was a computer simulation study, and awarded the “Encourage Award” from the Atomic Energy Society of Japan.

He worked for NRI (Nomura Research Institute, Ltd.) from 1988 to 2021, and he is the lead author of the world’s first book about the Ubiquitous Network Society published in 2000 and "The Silicon Vally Model" in 1998.

In recent years, Dr. Yokozawa has been continuously advising governmental committees and discussions including those for the u-Japan strategy of Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC), Information Economy initiatives of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), and the e-Japan evaluation research committee of the Cabinet Secretariat (CAS). As a business representative, he is actively leading discussions in ICT-related committees of Japanese business association, Keidanren. He joined an ITU workshops, as an expert of Ubiquitous Network Society, and is the co-chair at OECD’s BIAC/CDEP (Business and Industry Advisory Committee / Committee for Digital Economy Policies). Recent expansion of his research includes the Internet Governance and Enhanced Cooperation, in which he has been involved as one of the participants representing private sector at the Working Group for Enhanced Cooperation of 2014-2016 under the United Nations. 

At the Graduate School of Informatics of Kyoto University, he had a laboratory whose name was Marketing and Organizational Informatics, where 30 students in total and faculty members were working in the area of business informatics including ICT policies.

Currently Serving as:

  • Co-Chair at BIAC/CDEP (OECD's Business and Industry Advisory Committee, Committee for Digital Economy Policies)
  • Fellow at Technology Strategy Center, NEDO (New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization)
  • Chair at Global Strategy WG, Keidanren (Japan Business Federation)
  • Vice Chair at Data Strategy WG, Keidanren (Japan Business Federation)
  • Committee Councillor for OECD Advisory Committee, Keidanren
  • Member of Council at Japan Network Information Center
  • Academic Advisor at Global Digital Foundation

Major Publications in English: (not currently updated)

  1.  Makoto Yokozawa, Yoshiaki Oka, Yasumasa Togo: Development of Vectorized Monte Carlo Calculation and Application of Stratified Sampling, Jul.,1987, J.Nucl.Sci.Technol., 24[7] pp.507-515
  2.  Makoto Yokozawa, Yoshiaki Oka, Shunsuke Kondo, Yasumasa Togo:An Automatic Generation System of Source Programs for the Complicated Geometry in the Vector Monte Carlo Method ,1987,Proc. Int. Topical Mtg. on Advances in Reactor Physics, Mathematics and Computation, pp.1783-1790, Paris
  3. Yoshiaki Oka, Shunskue Kondo, Yasumasa Togo, Makoto Yokozawa, Fusion Neutron Streaming Benchmark Experiments and the Analysis by the Tree Dimensional Transport Calculation Code, TRISTAN , 1989, Fusion Engineering and Design, 10(1989), pp127-132
  4.  A Study on the Vector Monte Carlo Method for Neutron Transport Analysis, Mar. 1988, Doctoral Thesis at the Univ. of Tokyo, JAPAN
  5. T. Murakami, M. Yokozawa, et al,Strategy for Creation, Woodhead Publishing Limited, 1991, Cambridge, England
  6. Makoto Yokozawa: The Human Paradigm Shift in Japan ,Feb. 1994,The Human Side of Technology Symposium, pp.976-992, Albuquerque NM
  7. Yutaka Yamauchi, Makoto Yokozawa, Takeshi Shinohara, Toru Ishida: Collaboration with Lean Media: How Open-Source Software Succeeds. Sept. 2002, International Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW-00)  pp. 329-338, Philadelphia PA
  8. Yoichiro Itakura, Makoto Yokozawa, Takeshi Shinohara: Model Analysis of Digital Copyright Piracy on P2P Network ,2004, The 2004 Symposium on Applications and the Internet Workshops(SAINT2004 Workshop), pp.84-89,Tokyo Japan
  9.  Saeko Nomura, Toru Ishida, Makoto Yokozawa: International Comparative Study of Identity as Presented on the Internet, 2001,4th International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Multimedia Applications (ICCIMA-01),pp.77-81, Yokosuka Japan
  10. Hiromi Uwada, Akiyo Nadamoto, Tadahiko Kumamoto, Toru Hamabe, Makoto Yokozawa, Katsumi Tanaka: Automated Content Transformation with Adjustment for Visual Presentation Related to Terminal Types. APWeb 2006: 1214-1217
  11.  Akiyo Nadamoto, Tadahiko Kumamoto, Hiromi Uwada, Toru Hamabe, Makoto Yokozawa, Katsumi Tanaka: u-PaV: Automatic Transformation of Web Content into TV-like Video Content for Ubiquitous Environment. MDM 2006: 61



Major Recent Speeches in English

    1. Towards a ubiquitous future limited only by our imagination, Apr. 2005, ITU Workshop on Ubiquitous Network Societies, Geneva SWISS
    2. Ubiquitous Network Societies and the u-Japan Policies, May. 2005, Conference for Innovative Communication Services, Taipei TAIWAN
    3. The Future of e-Government: The View from Japan, The Asia-Pacific e-Government Summit 2005, Oct. 2005, Beijing CHINA
    4. Quo vadis - Spam? The Future of Spam, Asian Internet Security Summit 2005, Nov. 2005, Singapore SINGAPORE
    5. Ubiquitous Network Society, from e- to u-, KCCI/ECIF conference; “Blue Ocean Strategy in the Ubiquitous Age”, Dec. 2005, Seoul KOREA
    6. Ubiquitous Trend in Japan , KOREA-JAPAN IT seminar 2006, Mar. 2006, Seoul Korea
    7. Collaborative Ubiquitous Network Business Platform – Based on Japan’s Experience, The Strategic Review Board Meeting of Science and Tech. Adv. Gr. for Taiwan Gov., Aug. 2006, Taipei TAIWAN
    8. Collaborative Governance on Cyberspace, G8 St. Petersburg Procedure – Global Forum for Partnerships between Governments and Business to Counter Terrorism, Nov28-30, 2006, Moscow RUSSIA
    9. International issues relating to a global infrastructure, NSF/OECD Workshop ”Social and Economic Factors Shaping the Future of the Internet”, Arlington VA, 13 Jan 2007
    10. OECD CONFERENCE ON INNOVATION IN THE SOFTWARE SECTOR, ”Management of Technology Lifecycle in the Software Sector”, Cáceres Spain, 29-30 November 2007
    11. ADOC Conference in Taipei, "Japanese Challenge for Digital Opportunity", Chinese Taipei, 7 June, 2008
    12. Global Forum 2008, "Participative Innovation in Media and Contents", Athens Greece, 22 October 2008
    13. OECD Foresight Forum, ”Innovation in private and public sector application”, Paris France, 11 March 2009
    14. OECD Roundtable on Policy Responses to the Economic Crisis, "Stimulus Packages and Current Policy Reform", Pars France, 1 April 2009
    15. APEC/ADOC Forum 2009, "Digital Opportunity in Social and Economic Context", Taipei Taiwan, 7 October, 2009
    16. OECD ICCP Technology Foresight Forum 2009, "Expected Social and Economic Impact and Application of Cloud Computing in Japan", Paris France, 14 Octobre 2009
    17. European Commission "The Future of Cloud Computing", "International developments & policy issues", 26 January 2010
    18. "1st Green Manufacturing Summit in New Delhi", "Eco Innovation after the Disaster in Japan", March 17, 2011 
    19. APEC TEL43 Industry Roundtable, "Cloud Computing in Japan", Hangzhou China, March 27, 2011 
    20. APEC TEL44 "Disaster Management Seminar", Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, September 27, 2011
    21. OECD ICCP Technology Foresight Forum 2011, "Socio-Economic Aspect of Mobile Application in Japan", Paris France, 26 October 2011
    22. European Commission "Digital Assembly 2012", "The Cloud seen from Japan", 21 June 2012
    23. OECD, BIAC and Confederation of Indian Industry, The 2nd Green Manufacturing Summit, "ICT as an Enabling Technology for Green", New Delhi, 31 Aug. 2012
    24. The Intelligent Living Space Forum, "The Future of ILS and Green Houses", Taipei, 28-29 Nov. 2012
    25. US-Japan Internet Economy Dialogue and related events, Washington DC/Tokyo, 2012-2016
    26. APEC  TEL48 "Recommendation and Moderator's Note on Disaster Management Seminar", Honolulu, HI, USA, September, 2013
    27. EU-Japan ICT Strategy Workshop 2015 "Data Driven Market in Asia-Pacific Area -  Digital Compound Market -", Tokyo, Japan, March 27, 2015
    28. Overall Moderator at APEC  TEL 51"“Development of a safe and secure ICT use environment”, Boracay, Philippines, 2015
    29. APEC 2016, "Digital Trade Dialogue", February 26, 2016, Lima, Peru
    30. Australian Information Industry Association, AIIA Summit: Navigating Privacy and Security, March 8, 2016, Canberra, Australia
    31. APEC 2017 Senior Officials Meeting in Nah Trang, "Capacity Building Needs Initiative (CBNI) Seminar on Electronic Commerce Chapter of the RTAs/FTAs", February 22, 2017
    32. APEC 2017 TEL55 in Mexico City, Mexico, ”Workshop on Enhancing Online Connectivity for Unleashing the Potential of Digital Economy", April 2, 2017
    33. 2017 Chinese Taipei, "Regional Economic Integration for Service Industries in the Asia-Pacific Forum", June 12, 2017
    34. Digital Economy Show in Guadalajara, Mexico, "Artificial Intelligence is the New Digital Divide",  June 16, 2017

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