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1.0 First Method

I have devised method for family tree and am writing grand father - Father - son - grand son like this.

I am advised to make one tree for Mohyal Mothers and Daughters. Kindly see link down. Women do not have any Gotra. So I have made a separate link for her, as there can not be any creation without mother or incubator for human beings.

For the time being i am adopting patriarch family system and writing names of males only. Mother or daughters shall be recorded separately. I shall soon find method for women also.Now you can search your name in sub Mohyal list

We shall like to add names ,addresses and family trees of each family. Kindly inform me about your family details and web sites of the individual cities. This service is free

Each Mohyal shall see his name in his sur name. For example Datta shall be written in Datta only .For family tree i have taken father as family tree head instead of mother.Because women does not have any sur name or Gotra. Why? I do not know.

1.0 Try to inform your Names by starting Family tree

2.0 Kindly register your self to your local Mohayal sabha and prepare one web site. If you do not know how ? I can help you or can make for you free of cost once you give deatils of your assocaition and name of mohyal brothers.

First Method : Name shall be written alphabetically and search names as you search in dictionary. what about daughters? some method is to be deviced for daughters or mothers or grandmothers. It is said that women does not have any Gotra. Why ? I do not know. Why do we not fix Gotra of women and then take dynasty as per that? Kindly inform to the writer.

Once in 1976 (It was just when Indira Gandhiagain came to Power) I went to Ladakh. Muslims were marrying Budhists. Father is Muslim and say wife is Budhist .Then Son shall be Muslim. Daughter shall be Buddhist. What should Gotra of women to be taken? Datta or Chhibber? How many generations to be noted? I shall examine this later on.

It may become very big/heavy data base. Software Engineer can help for this. Still i am trying to learn and doing this job for our community.

Please inform up to what relationship level we should go ?

Patriarchal or Matriarchal. How can we fix name of mothers ? How can we know family relation ship and how can we know each relation up to first relation or second relation or third relation list. I am not saying third generation but third degree of relationship. First circle is direct children of one father and one mother. Second level is First relations of Parents . Parents brothers and sisters and their children and their children. Third relationship is grand parents brothers and sisters and their children and children ke children. I think up to third relationship one can do but fourth level of relationship may be very difficult. Software Engineer may solve this problem. I am able to solve in Excel. Your help is required.

Writing of addresses may be difficult now but may be easy to do later on.

If you are Datta , click on Datta and find your name. You may have to find name of your grand father etc. Same way Mohan can click mohan and so on.

Second Method is written below ( I shall try to write like the following sample)

Sardar Bahadur Risaldar Major Choudhri Ganda Singh Datt OBI and IOM was father of Iswar singh Datta, of Jaffarwaldattan, who had 4 children. Mani singh ( Son ) , Krishan Singh ( Son ) , Ram Rakhi ( Daughter ) and Kartar Devi (Daughter). Mani Singh had two children Gurusharan Singh (Son ) and Moola Devi ( Daughter). Gurusharan Singh married to Satyawati D/O Mool Raj Chhibber S/O/ Deewan singh of Pehwa , in Pakistan ,had three children Jaipal singh Datta ( Son ) , Asharani / Kushal ( Daughter ) and Geeta / Jugal ( Daughter ).Jaipal Singh Datta married to Nina D/O Ved Prakash Bhai S/O Damreek Singh Bhai of Karyala chhibbers has three children Harmohit Singh ( Son ), Puneet ( Son ) , and Jaya ( Daughter).

Krishan Singh Datta had five children. Ravi ( Son ), Vijay(Son ), Sunil ( Son ), Kamal ( Daughter ), Romilla ( Daughter ). Ravi married to --- and has -----..Vijay married to Promilla D/O ----of Pakistan and has one son and one daughter. Sunil married to Meera D/O Arjun Dev Datta and Sudesh D/O of Moola Devi and has Son Saurabh and daughter ----. Kamal married to Brahm Dutt Bali and has son Dampa daughter ----. Baby married to Amritsar family of Rang wale and has 5 children.

Ram Rakhi married to Narender Nath Mohan S/O Des Raj Mohan and had 4 children. Ved Ratan, Kapil Dev, Sukh Dev, Neeta Rani ( Daughter ). Ved Ratan has 4 children. Rakesh ( Son ), Manjula ( Daughter ), Pankaj ( Son ), Neelama ( Daughter ). Kapil dev married to Pushpa D /O Brahmdutt of Kanjrurdattan (Gurdaspur) Punjab, has one child Seema , married to Rakesh Bakshi S/O Brij Mohan Chibber.Brahm Dutt married to Durga Devi sister of Amar singh vaid. Sukh Dev married to Usha D/O Col Gurcharan Bali. He has 4 children Hemant ( S ) , Vinay ( S ) and daughters Leena ( D ) and Punam ( D ).See Famly tree of Des Raj Mohan in Mohans.

Kartar Devi married to Shamsher Singh Vaid and had Sampuran Singh ( Son ), Urvish ( Daughter ) married to Bali and Vimla ( Daughter ) married to ----. Sampuran Singh has 4 son and 2 daughters. Son Jasbeer , Dalbeer , Ranbeer, Kulbeer. Daughters are Sudha,and Meena. I am awaiting further information.Shamsher Singh brothers were Amar Singh, Shyam Singh, Balwant singh.

Brahmdutt of Kanjrurdattan had one son Kailashpati Dutt , who married to Rashmi D/O Chhibber of Bhai Mati Das.He has one son--- and one daughter---. Simrat D/O of Brahmdutt married to Devinder Singh Bali of Kotdunichand of Lahore ( Now living in Karnal )has son--- and daughter ---.

Neeta Rani D/O Narender Nath Mohan married to Baldev Bali. Baldev Bali is not only President of Mohyal Sabha but also owning Breweries like Mount Shivalik Breweries orMount shivalik Industries.and has 4 son Rajive, Munish, Sanjoo. Sanjoo married to Rani D/O Anand Bakshi , lyrics writer in Indian film Industry. Rani sister is married to Vinay Datt father of Aditya Datt , a promising developing film director.

Moola Devi married to Hari Bhagat Mohan S/O ---- and had 7 children. Surender , Prem Lal, Jitender, Sheeli ( Daughter ) married to Jitendera Bali , Sanjogta ( Daughter )married to Bhajan Singh Datta , Sudesh ( Daughter )married to Arjun Datta , Billo ( Daughter ) married to Raj Kumar Datta.

Surender Mohan married to Jyothi Daughter of Sohan Lal Datta S/O Ramchander Datta S/O Kripa Ram Datta of Jaffarwal Dattan , Dist. Shekhupura had three children. Vishal ( Son ) married to Sukhbeer Kaur D/o Ajaib Singh , Sameeksha ( Daughter )married to Rajive Datta S/O Gurbaksh Lal Datta , Sameera ( Daughter ) married to Varun Datta S/O Col . Sahib Iqbal Datta S/O Mehta Malik Ram Dutt.

Prem Lal Mohan married to Nirmal Datta D/ O ----- Jammu had two daughters Kanchan married to Vikas Mehta and Shachi married to ----..

Jitender Mohan married to Kamal D/O Sarhadi ---Datta. Details of Sarhadi family is awaited. Sanyam ( son ) of Jitender married to -----, and Anju ( Daughter ) married to -----.I know family name but not real name. Names are awaited.

Sheeli married to Jitenra Bali ( Phakkad ) and had one son Tinu who married to Shobha and had two sons ----, ----.Inty ,daughter of Sheeli , married to Mehta and had one son Munish and one daughter -----.

Sanjogta married to Harbhajan singh Datta and had two sons Sukhminder Singh and Devinder Pal Singh and two daughters Rita married to Jagdish and Pumma married to Ajay Mehta .

Mool Raj chhibber had 5 Children Purshotam Das ( Son ) , Daughter , Daughter , Daughter , Satyawati ( Daughter ) married to Gurusharan Singh. Purshtam had two sons Naveen and Rajesh. Rajesh married to Indu D/O Ved Nath Datta S/O Bheem Sain .Ved Nath married to Chameli devi D/O Jai Ram Bali and Jaya Devi. Rajesh and Indu have two sons Sumeet and Puneet .Naveen married to Madhu D/O Motia Juneja ( Mother ) has Tushar ( Son ) and Ankita ( Daughter).This method is very difficult. But we shall try to write and shall also like to verify.In this one has to write about each family.

Third Method to write may be like this

Shri Jagir Singh Datta appointed Secretary,

Chandigarh District Congress Committee(Urban-II)

Mohyals of tricity(Chandigarh,Mohali and Panchkula) are elated at the induction of Shri J.S.Datta to the Distt.Congress . At a special ‘karya karta sammelen’ held at Rajiv Gandhi Bhawan, Sect-35 on March-31,2008; attended by the President Distt; Congress, Mayor, Municipal Councillors, Smt. Puspa Sharma, ex-Senior Dy. Mayor, other dignitaries and huge gathering; Shri Datta was awarded a memento by Hon’ble Shri Pawan Kumar Bansal ,Union State Minister of Finanace and Parliamentary Affairs.

Shri J.S.Datta had retired from the Central Scientific Instruments Organisation, Chandigarh, under the CSIR . He is an earnest yet silent worker who has lent strategic support to Mohyal Sabhas, Ambala, Panchkula, Dehradun and Chandigarh. He was Secretary MS Dehradun from 1975-1979 and member, Execu- tive Committee of MS Chandigarh for years. He hails from an illustrious Mohyal Clan, traced back to legendary General Maha Singh of Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s Army. The family originally belonged to Zaffarwal-Dattan (W.Pak). His father, late Ch. Ghansyam Singh Datta had settled at Khanna in 1937. He played a crucial role in re-settlement of uprooted refugees, during the Partition.They own a modern farm at Shahabad-Markanda. Datta Sahib is married to Smt. Indra, sister of late Shri Onkar Rai Mehta(Chhibber), long time President Municipal Committee, Khanna; even during the last Akali regime. Late Shri K.D.Mohan, Distt; & Sessions Judge,Chandigarh and Legal Rememberencer, Haryana/Retd ;was his brother-in-law. Two of his brothers and the only son, are settled in UK and Canada. His youngest and elegent daughter, Km.Jyotsana Datta (26) is teaching at the Air Force School, Chandigarh.We wish Mr.Datta many more feathers to his cap.A.K.Datta& K.N.Datt

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