Addresses of Mohyal Sabha of the World

I may try to provide link to Mohyal Sabha of each city of the World. You are welcome to be in touch with me. This service is free of cost. You shall have free web site, free E mail address for communication. My service to Mohyals.

I am always trying new methods so that each Mohyal may communicate easily and find address of each other easily. So I write and again delete and select new method.

Social Worker or Contact Person of Mohyal Sabha.

Actually each Mohyal Sabha should have addresses of all Mohyals coming to attand meeting or not and should be in touch with each other. There is no need to talk daily. But knowing address and family is duty of secretary and not of President. President is helping with money. Secretary should be social worker, who enjoys social work. He may be given necessary expenses for this type of job. or let their be new name " Social worker "in each Mohayl Sabha. So that he may do this job. His job shall be only to know all mohyals of that area and how each mohyal family is? What help he needs etc etc. Retired person may like this job. I am giving this name as Social worker in Mohyal Sabha or name of contact person in Mohyal Sabha.