How to connect Male tree to female tree? I thought of writing marriage partners of each community. To make it easier , following formula is adopted.

Jaipal Singh Datta S/O Gurusharan Singh Datta and Satyawati Chhibber marries to Nina daughter of Vimla Vaid and Ved Prakash Chhibber (Bhai). Caste of women before marriage is to be noted, as it may give better Idea of mixing of castes in Indian Society.

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NameFather's NameMother's NameName of WifeMother of WifeFather of Wife
NameFather's NameMother's NameName of WifeMother of WifeFather of Wife
Arjun Dev Datta Dharam Veer Datta  Sudesh Mohan  Moola Devi Datta  Hari Bhagat Mohan 
Bali Bali Col  Kiran Chhibber Vimla Vaid Ved Prakash Chhibber 
B.S.Bali Col ( Retd )   Kamal Datta ( Dr )  Krishan Singh Datta 
Chander Prakash Bali Lakshmi Chand Bali  Geeta Datta  Satywati Chhibber  Gurusharan Singh Datta 
Gurusharan Singh Datta Mani Singh Ram Dei Satyawati Ram Pyari  Mool Raj Chhibber 
Harbhajan Singh Datta   Sanjogata Mohan Mollo Devi Datta Haribhagat Mohan 
Jaipal Singh Datta Gurusharan Singh Datta Satyawati Chhibber Nina Chhibber Vimla Vaid Ved Prakash Chhibber 
Jitender Bali Phakad   Sheeli Mohan Moolo Devi Datta Hari Bhagat Mohan 
Jitender Mohan Haribhagat Mohan Moolo Devi Kamal Chhibber   
Krishan Singh Datta Ishwar Singh Datta     
Mani Singh Datta Ishwar Singh Datta  Ram Dei   
Manoj Datta Arjun Dev Datta Sudesh Mohan Seema    
Pradeep Chhibber Ved Prakash Chhibber Vimla Vaid Neeta    
Prem Lal Mohan Haribhagat Mohan Moolo Devi Prerna Datta   
Raj Kumar Datta   Billo Moolo Devi Datta Haribhagat Mohan 
Ravi Datta Krishan Singh Datta  South American   
Sunil Datt Krishan Singh Datta  Meera Datta Sudesh Datta Arjun Dev Datta 
Surender Mohan Hari Bhagat Mohan Moolo Devi Jyothi Mohan   
Vaid    Baby   Krishan Singh Datta 
Vijay Datta Krishan Singh Datta  Promilla Chhibber   
Virender Bakshi Vaid   Poonam Chhibber Vimla Vaid Ved Prakash Chhibber  
Vishwa Nath mohan Ram Rakha Mal  Asha Rani Datta  Satyawati Chhibber  Gurusharan Singh Datta 
Showing 22 items