Read What am I made of by J.S.Bali? I like it. It is published in Mohyal Mitter July 2010 page 15. Read my theory of life wriiten in
 Bhagwat Geeta and 
  Garuda Puran by 
I am compelled to write it and preserve it on my web site, as I may not find time to search Mohyal Mitter or who may keep printed copy in record. So I am trying to reproduce as much as I can. My thanks to Mr J.S.Bali who could write my theory as his theory in form of poem. Thanks.
Mr J.S.Bali writes
" Man is curious, he wants to know
He wants to know what time is what space is
He wants to know about the earth he stands upon
He wants to know about the stars what he sees
Above all he wants to know what he is made of"
Man is Bio Machine.
" Man is his body,that is too apparent to state
Man is much more than that , you are free to contemplate
The body is a machine, more complex than any he has himself made
It has sub machines like brain, heart, lungs, liver , kidneys and many more
The sub machines are made of cells, each specialized for it's role"
Carbon, Hydrogen , Nitogen and Oxygen
Simple cell is only two micron long, made of molecules and molecules of atoms.
Molecules are different in different substances
But when it comes to the atom, all atoms are similar, perhaps identical
One CC would contain 45 into 10 raised to the power 18 molecules
Dia of an atom is ten millionth of a millimetre
An Atom is so durable, it would last 10 raised to the power 35 years
This is far far longer than the age of the universe - that is only 20 billion
If atoms are all identical , a part of me was once in the sun and stars
I was in the primeval forests and the animals long extinct
I was part of your ancestors and you of mine"
Amino Acids are in all living creations including bacteria or yeast.
I am the rock I see, I am in the soil below, I am in water and I am in the air
I am in the bacterium, in the insect, in the bird and the cows and I see
I am not tiny , I am part of the universe that is, and universe that shall be
This is the true meaning of adwaita, wahdiyat and aham brahma
I am, I was and I shall be
Against this reality, how meaningless the divisions and quarrels of man?
A part of my atoms was part of all the living and non living around
I am related to you and you are related to me
I live in you and You live in me.
By a rare chance we have met
Let us be friends,
And enjoy together, the brief journey of this world