General Mohyal Sabha

President's New Year Message

My dear brothers / sisters,

It gives me immense pleasure indeed to extend to you all, my best wishes for the NEW YEAR for your continued good health, happiness and all round prosperity. May the Lord Almighty shower His benign blessings and bounty unto us all and give us the strength to contribute our mite to serve our revered community.

It is a matter of great fulfilment and satisfaction that the last few decades have been an era of development and progress for which we all feel rightly pleased and proud. We have been able to establish prestigious Mohyal temples viz. Mohyal Ashram, Mohyal Sewa Sadan at Haridwar, Mohyal Bhawan Inderpuri, New Delhi, the Mohyal Foundation, a new modern complex, housing the GMS Secretariat and the MERIT. We are now planning to set up an Old Age Home at Dehra Dun and a viable project at Meerut ( at the properties bequeathed to GMS by benevolent brothers ) which will be dedicated to the cause and welfare of the community.

It is also a matter of joy and excitement for me to share the happy news with you that we have firmed up another project at Vrindavan - the sacred abode of Lord Krishna - by purchasing a plot of 2500 sq. yards where we will construct a beautiful Ashram. It is a NEW YEAR GIFT from GMS to the community which, I am sure, will be greatly appreciated. The plot acquired is a part of a beautiful complex known as Ashram Vihar, located at the main Delhi-Vrindavan Road and at a walking distance from ISKON temple. The complex has lush green surroundings and is fully developed with roads, street lights, water, electricity and other infrastructure. I am happy to say that the initial response from the community has been stupendous, and almost 15 donors have committed to donate Rs. 2.5 Lac each for construction of the rooms in the memory of their near and dear ones. I am quite confident that the entire community will rise to the occasion and give generous donations - as was done in the case of Mohyal Ashram, Haridwar - to make this beautiful dream a reality in the next year or so.

During the current year GMS has always been on the move. It has organised various functions to create awareness and close affinity amongst the various sections of the community. We organised Pratibhashali Vidyarthi Awards function on 12th October 2008 for our young children securing more than 75% marks in class X and XII. They were awarded mementoes and prizes to encourage them to work still harder so as to achieve better position in their future careers.

The 4th Mohyal Diwas was celebrated on 9th November 2008, attended by more than 500 members of the fraternity from all walks of life, including our benefactor Padma Bhushan Shri Jagmohan as the Chief Guest and Mohyal Gaurav Emeritus Professor V.N. Dutta, an internationally renowned historian, as the Guest of Honour. The galaxy of Mohyal dignitaries comprised former Governor of MP, Dr. Bhai Mahavir, former Lt. Governor Bakshi S.K. Chhibber, Lt. General M.L. Chhibber, Lt. Gen. H.C. Datta, and Lt. Gen. G.L. Bakshi, besides a host of eminent personalities of the Biradari.

The 3rd Matrimonial Mela was held on 14th December 2008, which evoked splendid response from the community and was attended by nearly 500 persons and a large number of alliances are believed to have matured within the community. This is the one area which has been of concern to our Biradari and GMS has endeavoured to resolve this critical problem through such Matrimonial Melas, and by holding quarterly Mohyal Matrimonial get-togethers at Mohyal Bhawan, Inderpuri, New Delhi . It may be of interest to note that in the second Matrimonial Mela held last year, almost 75 alliances had matured and every one is appreciative of the steps being taken by GMS in this direction.

All these functions have been quite exciting and there was great deal of zeal and enthusiasm amongst the participants. For the benefit of those who, for some reason or the other, have not been able to participate in the events, we are publishing in this issue some of the photographs of the functions as glimpses of the various activities of GMS. To fulfil its cherished goals GMS needs your unflinching support in all respects and above all, we must remain united in letter and spirit and pull in one direction. I repeat the following prayer from Rig Vedas in this connection :

“May we assemble and march forward with a common purpose, May we confer together with open minds and work together harmoniously for common good. May we pool our thoughts for integrated wisdom and always work actuated by higher ideals, because our ancestors achieved their high eminence and fortune on account of their unity”.

The GMS, established in 1891, is today at the pinnacle of its glory and it is very heartening to see that our own Mohyal Mitter has recently been recognised as the oldest continuously published magazine in India by the Limca Book of Records.

I am very happy to observe that there is wide awakening and involvement of the Biradari in all developmental activities at the grass roots level. However, I wish much greater participation by our youth and ladies in particular in our developmental projects to carry the community forward.

I consider life is a sort of a splendid torch and I want to make it glow as brightly as possible before turning it over to the younger generation who, I deem, is quite capable and competent to keep it burning bright.

Once again wishing you and your families, good health, long life, peace and prosperity in the New Year and the years to come and Jai Mohyal.


Yours brotherly,

(B.D. Bali)

W-39, Greater Kailash –I

New Delhi – 110 048

Jaipal Singh Datta

Jaipal Datta writer of Mohyal World