I am not having family tree software. I liked the following example.

1.0 Manav Bakshi ( Vaid ) is son of Virender Bakshi ( Vaid ) and Punam Bakshi ( Chhibber before marriage but Vaid after marriage). Virender Bakshi is son of Pran Nath Bakshi ( Vaid ) and Darshan Bakshi ( Chhibber before marriage ). Pran Nath Bajkshi is son of Dina Nath Bakshi and Kesra Dai Bakshi. Darshan Bakshi is daughter of Mulk Raj Chhibber and Kamalawati Chhibber.

Punam Bakshi is daughter of Ved Prakash Bhai ( Chhibber ) and Vimla Bhai ( Before marriage Vaid ). Vimla Bhai is daughter of Shyam Lal Bakshi ( Vaid ) and mother Ram Rakhi Bakshi Vaid . Ved Prakash Bhai Chhibber is son of D.K.Bhai ( Chhibber ) and Soma Bhai ( chhibber due to her husband ). This can be understood better if I can draw tree or organization chart.

As per my narration it can be written like this

Family Tree of Father Virender Bakshi

Dina Nath Bakshi Vaid - Pran Nath Bakshi Vaid - Virender Bakshi Vaid - Manav Bakshi Vaid

Family Tree of Mother Punam

Ram Rakhi Bakshi ( Vaid ) - Vimla Bhai Bakshi ( Chhibber ) - Punam Bakshi ( Vaid ) - mother of Manav Bakshi.


Virender marries Punam

Pran Nath marries Darshan Bakshi Vaid

Dina Nath marries Kesara Dai

Mulk Raj Chhibber marries Kamlawati Chhibber

Ved Prakash Bhai marries Vimla Bhai

D.K. Bhai marries Soma Bhai

Shyam Lal Bakshi marries Ram Rakhi Bakshi Vaid.

I prefer tree or organization chart type family tree.