Addresses of Mohyals in this World

I have tried to write E mail address of Mohyals, friends on face book,. Just read Members under face book on main page and then click on names. I am awaiting E Mail address.

I am awaiting name and addresses of Mohyals with E mail and Photos so that I can prepare address book on the web site.

This can be very easily compiled, if each nation, state, city, Mohyal Sabha maintains record of all Mohyals of their area and upload on Internet.

I shall try to write addresses of all Mohyals in this World.

How to find addresses of all Mohyals?

Revision 1

I was trying to write first nation, then states and then cities and then one can click datta, bali, vaid etc and find addresses of Mohyals. That can be done for World Address Book for Mohyals. It should be prepared in such a way that one can search cities or states or nations or sub castes. For such type of list there should be software. I found that some times there was hardly any person in that city. So I am now trying following method. I may be able to write 1000 or say maximum 2000 namesand addresses. Most of the persons do not give their addresses. so I changed my working.

All mohyals are welcome to inform their addresses if they want to publish here.

After trying for two three months I concluded that I should adopt the following method.

Click India and then State. Only for Delhi one should click on sub castes. But for other states including other nations no bifurcation shall be done for Mohyals.

Names already available or printed by GMS in Mohyal Mitter may be added.

Jaipal Singh Datta

Please inform addresses of Mohyal Sabha and addresses of President, Secretary, Cashier and other officers of your Sabha by E Mail to or This shall help me to complete the address


1.0 I found addresses of Permanent Members of General Mohyal Sabha. Although it is very good attempt but again these are neither alphabetically nor one can find with Membership number. Excel sheet should have been better where one can add names and than it is alphabetically arranged. I am not soft ware programmer. Please note link below

Addresses of permanent members of General Mohayal Sabha or Life Members of GMS or click


For example my membership number is LM 00507 but here it is wriiten 3/SLM/00389

2.0 It is advisable to add name as following link

Nation - State - City - Datta or Dutt which can be changed to alphabetically as and when new entry is written

3.0 Now a days E mail and Mobile Number and Pincode is very important.