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My name is Jaipal Singh Datta. I am Mohyal. I am Indian by Nationality. I belong to Global Family. I have universal family. My children are all over the World. I believe in Vasudhaiv Katumbakam. World belongs to us. I believe all human beings are bio machines and behave as per program coded during their birth period. Each Bio Machine acts as per directions of planets or stars at the time of birth. Date-, time-, place of birth are very important for coding on the hard disc of bio machines. It is all done as per law of nature. Nature does not differentiate between rich-poor, educated-uneducated, American, Russian, Indian, African, Asian, Chinese, European etc.. This coding is based on Karma theory also known as law of nature. Each bio machine behaves differently.
We take birth. We perform as per directions of Stars or Planets. With the passage of time, We, Bio Machines, need repair. We are able to change kidney, knees, hands, eyes. We may be in a position to change head, heart, liver face, mind etc. But we know that each machine can not work after many repairs. Each machine has it's own life. After that old machine has to be replaced with new machine. So same is the case with human body or bio machine. We change or die to take rebirth as per destiny or work done. Each bio machine can carry information from one machine to the other machine with the help of a bio chip known as Soul. So each soul performs as per directions written by soul master. Soul Master is known as Yamaraj, who works as per directions of Shiva or Mahesh. Ganesha , Elephant Head Human Being, is son of Mahesha or Shiva.Ganesha is head of all planets or control all planets. So we all act as per destiny. We take birth, live in a society as per norms fixed by society. We marry and recreate. We die to take birth again. 
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Life is short. I am dedicating this site of Mohyal Sabha to all Mohyals in this World, who can use this site to know each other and I am trying to provide plateform for communication free of cost. I am old and I am having limited time to serve others. I shall like to serve my family, my community, my nation and my planet. I believe in Management by human values.
Address of NRI Mohyals are written on this page on the link on left side and Address of Mohyals in India is written on the page link mentioned below.

Each Mohyal Sabha can hire free of cost one page from me for their press news, communication, good wishes, matrimoney and any other information. May God Bless Mohyals. My writing shall not be complete without thanking to my parents. my children and Brigadier ( Retd ) Dr. Kapil Mohan, Padam Shree, V.S.M., PhD and Raizada B.D.Bali, President of General Mohyal Sabha. Both are prime movers of Mohyal Community. May God Bless them and their families. 

As an example please click link below. I need your help with address and photos. Or come to meet me and I shall take photo and address and add you on the internet. All services are free.
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