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Yamunapar Mohyals with Jaipal Singh Datta at his residence on 15-08-2010
From Left to right are Kulbhushan Chhibber, Anil Vaid, Vinod Bali, Som Bali, Dilip Singh Datta, Jaipal Singh Datta. 

Mohyal Photo Gallery

I have noted that Mohyals are adopting new technology very fast. Kindly see photos of Canada Mohyal Sabha and Youtube broad casting by Mohyal Sabha Jalandhar

7.1 Received From Canada information vide web

7.2 Mohyal Mela 1

7.3  Mohyal Ratan Brigadier ( Retd ) Dr. Kapil Mohan Padam Shree V.S.M, PhD welcomed Chief Minister of Himachal at Shakti Peeth of Durga Mata Peeths  at Shakti Sthal