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Students in France

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World Languages and Cultural Awareness... The key to your future!

Why travel to another country?

What can you learn about another culture?

How can you use this information to help you understand the world at large?

How will this knowledge make you a better person?

How can you use what you learn from other cultures to make more informed decisions about ways to save energy, money, & mankind?

We are ALL Global Citizens. The planet is getting smaller as technology grows. We need to be able to compete in a global market.. Our future success depends on it!!! Learning a world language is vital in the process of learning about other cultures. My mission is two fold. Teach second language acquisition in the classroom, a safe environment to develop skills and create an open forum for the sharing of culture and content based information. Also, to offer opportunities for travel, where students can experience first hand how other cultures interact and function in this world.  My intent is to inspire my students to become lifetime world travelers.