Mr. Jason Thompson
Pinewood Intermediate School Principal
Mr. Thomas O'Connor
Pinewood Intermediate School Assistant Principal

Dear Pinewood Families,

The new year is a time to not only look forward, but to reflect on the many successes we’ve already experienced at Pinewood.  Our second annual Monster Dash was was a huge, healthy hit, and the Cardboard Challenge was filled with students whose creativity and commitment proved that if something can be dreamed, it can be done.  Our Veteran’s Day assembly brought tears to the eyes of children and adults, and our Holiday Concert reminded us how special these family moments and memories are. A common thread through all of these experiences is teamwork and community.  Thank you to our team at Pinewood and our caring community who work tirelessly behind the scenes to give our students the best experiences possible.

And speaking of students, we are in full swing at Pinewood.  Classroom procedures and routines are well in place, students are balancing academics with after-school activities, homework, and sports, and are gaining momentum for a wonderful winter!

We are looking forward to the many new experiences coming our way, and we’ll continue working together to guide our students toward being the best citizens they can be.

Thank you for all that you do!

Mr. Thompson and Mr. O'Connor