Library Policy
The Draper Middle School Library Media Center has an open door policy. In addition to students using the library for class instruction (research, booktalks, etc.), students utilize the library during their advisory period for research and book exchange. The library is available to students before school in the morning and after school during Block 5. There are over 20,000 items in our collection including books, periodicals, videotapes and DVDs. Students also have access to a number of online sources including databases and the library catalog, which can be explored at from home. The library offers a variety of ways to engage student involvement including weekly trivia contests and introducing a word of the week.
The Draper Middle School Library Media Center is open week days to students, faculty and staff from 7:15 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Students can check our four items at a time for a two week period. Circulation restrictions include limiting the number of periodicals and series books students can check out to two items at a time (ex. Sports Illustrated and Harry Potter).
Students lose check out privileges once the item is overdue. Students are responsible for either returning, replacing or paying for an item they have lost. Students will be informed about overdue items through advisory notices as well as by sending overdue letters home. If a student pays for a lost item and the item is found after the payment has been made, the student will be refunded the cost of the item.
Students also have the option to interlibrary loan an item from another library, if our library does not carry the item they are searching for or if it is checked out of our library. Requests are filled in a timely manner.