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Bradt Primary School • Math

At Bradt School, we use the EnVision Math Common Core program.  This program provides math instruction that is more focused and in-depth.  EnVision uses daily problem-based learning to engage, support and challenge all students.  It is directly aligned with the Common Core Learning Standards (CCLS), which were adopted by New York State.  The CCLS are clear expectations for what students should understand and be able to do. The goal, as always, is for students to obtain the skills needed to be successful in the real world.  This high quality education will be consistent from state to state.  To learn more about the Common Core Standards, visit the following sites:

It is very important to reinforce math skills at home.  Children benefit from repeated opportunities to practice strategies.  Here are some great sites that you can use at home:

Interactive Games and Skill Practice:

Interactive Manipulatives:
Etoolkit (Use connecting cubes, base ten blocks and more!)
Interactive Number Chart (highlight number patterns)

Free, Printable and Unlimited Worksheets: