Mrs. Sherman's Science Lab 
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Be a Scientist!

Make a plan to choose a science career!

Plan to go to college.
Research career options.
Start a science journal.
Think like a Scientist!
Science is fun and amazing!   In the Pinewood Science Lab, we explore, investigate, and experiment.  We collect data and then we draw conclusions about what we are learning in science.  Science lab is all about applying what we learn in science class and testing it out.

You can do cool science experiments at home.  Check out these cool student videos that explain how to do really cool science.  Always remember to ask permission first.

How to Make Slime.mp4

How to Pass a Quarter through an Index Card.mp4

How to Make a Sharpie T-Shirt.mp4

How to Make a UV Bead Bracelet.mp4

How to Make a Lava Lamp.mp4

How to Make Milk Have a Color Explosion.mp4

Explore this site and learn more about science.