Mrs. Fahsel's Page 
  • Draper Middle School
  • Consultant Teacher Grade 7

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I have math and ELA resources and information to assist with homework and projects. 

As the 7th grade consultant and skills teacher, I  work with the 7-1 team. I work within all subject areas and help with accommodations and modifications of student material to best meet their learning styles. I also co-teach the math consult skills class with Mrs. Weinberg, and teach a section of reading and writing on the 7-1 team.

The  team teachers include: Mrs. Degnan (ELA), Mrs. Gordon (ELA), Mrs. Weinberg (Math) , Mrs. Lundy(Science), and Mrs. Black (Math), Mr. Whipple (SS), Mrs. Daviero (ELA/AIS), Mrs. Nickloy (Math/AIS) and Mr. Cummings(Math AIS).