Mrs. DePiero's Reading Home Page 
Pinewood Elementary School • Reading Specialist

Welcome to my reading page!! I am super excited to share with you, everything that will help you be a better reader. There are links on the side for you to use. Below is  a description of what the site is and a password if needed to sign in!

Mrs. DePiero

Hi! I'm Mrs. DePiero, I am a Reading Specialist at Pinewood Elementary. I work with 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students who need my support when reading. They receive small group instruction based on what their individual needs are to make them the successful readers they are. Welcome to READING!!
     Raz Kids
Scholastic News

Scholastic News is a website that will connect you to magazines that you can read and look at pictures!
When you get into the website, the magazine will have a student sign in. Click on the sign in and your password is: crowfrost563.

National Geographic

National Geographic Kids Magazine is a fun and exciting magazine that has a lot of interesting non-fiction articles you can read. Take the time to take a LOOK and learn about some very COOL topics!!
Fun Brain

Here are some special web sites that can help you become a better reader than you already are!