Mrs. Faas' 6th Grade  
Draper Middle School English Language Arts and Social Studies

Welcome to 6th Grade!
We are Team 6-2
Mrs. Sokolowski, Mrs. Gordon,
Mrs. Stahl & Mrs. Faas

Mrs. Faas' Success Tips:

1. Come to class with a good attitude.
2. Always do YOUR personal best.
3. Complete homework and classwork and this will lead to you having a successful year

What you need to bring with you to class:

Chromebook (new this year)
pen or pencil
                                                Free choice reading book

* The agenda is where we write down homework every day and it goes with you everywhere. Some teachers use the first few pages in the agenda as a pass when you need to leave the class to go to your locker, guidance, nurse, main office, bathroom or another teacher. As the year progresses teachers may schedule a period 10 on a date in the agenda. Period 10's are sometimes used as an opportunity for extra help or a quiet space to complete homework with an adult to help you.

Homework is given during the week in school. I check in homework daily. Each homework is worth points:
2 points completed on time
1 point for one day late
0 for not completed