Ms. Altomer's Classroom 

Pinewood Elementary School • 4th Grade


                                                      We all learn from one another!                                                                      Welcome to 4th Grade at Pinewood Elementary School! My classroom is a learning community where children are not only considered students, they are teachers as well.  It is my job to facilitate growth, encourage creativity, and foster independence. Children should feel comfortable to explore and motivate each other to learn.  Children have an abundance of skills and knowledge to offer each other and the school community.

                                                         It takes a village to raise a child!                                                                   Parents and families are essential members of the team involved in educating our children.   Communication is essential and I hope this website will provide you and your child with a glimpse of the types of things we will be working on in school and will allow you to hold discussions at home of the material learned throughout the school year.  It is my intention to keep you up to date and involved with the development of your child's education. Together we will create a partnership that fosters our children's ability to reach their fullest potential.

                                                                   A Recipe for Success!                                                                                 New York State has been demanding higher educational standards for all children and it is my intention to expect this same standard of excellence in the classroom by providing your child with a quality education where they become successful. I do everything possible to empower your child and make them knowledgeable of the 4th grade material, which will equip them with the power to pass the NYS tests without stress!   I assure you that 4th grade will be a prosperous year for your child.  By the end of the year, your child will feel accomplished and confident in their learning capabilities, as well as ready for 5th Grade! 

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