MyRTOS - Minimalist RT Executive

A True realtime kernel with everything you need under one roof.

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 MyRTOS is a minimalistic real time operating system. It current goals are 

  1. Be as portable as possible.
  2. Come in various flavors.
  3. Be modular every feature can be added or removed.
  4. No licensing fee whatsoever.

 Why is it called MyRTOS. It's because you have the very right to call it mine.


 Real Time minimalist kernel in C.

  • Partially Reentrant ( will get fully reentrant).
  • Hard real time scheduler
  • Semaphores
  • Modular microkernel
  • lots more wait and have a look


  • Protocol stack.
  • SMP support.

Warning! I work only during holidays free time. I wont release code against requests. They will come when I feel they need to be released.

why yet another kernel ? Bcos.,

- Free 

- Open source.

- Portable