News From Mohawk


News from Mohawk: June 18, 2017

Greetings Mohawk Community,

We are entering the final week of the 2016-2017 school year, and this edition of News from Mohawk features final exam schedules for high school and middle school students.  You’ll also read about some recent field trip experiences and learn about the revised middle school schedule developed for next year.


Wishing you a wonderful summer and looking forward to seeing you for the 2017-2018 school year!



Co-Principals Lynn R. Dole and Marisa Mendonsa


Inside this Issue:

  • Upcoming Events

  • News from Student Services

  • News from the Art Program

  • News from the High School

  • High School Final Exam Schedule

  • News from the Middle School

  • 7th Grade Final Week Schedule

  • 8th Grade Final Week Schedule

  • Looking ahead to next year: a revised middle school schedule

  • News from the Library

  • News from Special Education

  • Other Opportunities of Potential Interest


Upcoming Events


Monday, June 19

Contribute to the development of the District’s Vision Superintendent Buoniconti facilitates a one hour meeting to gather input from our families and wider school community as part of the District's vision development process.  5:30 pm at Buckland Shelburne Elementary School.


Wednesday, June 21

A full day of school.


Thursday, June 22

8th Grade Ice Cream Social and Completion Ceremony, 6:30 pm


Thursday, June 22

Final Exams; students released at 12:00 noon.  Lunch is not served.


Friday, June 23

Last day of school for students

Final Exams; students released at 12:00 noon.  Lunch is not served.


News from Student Services


Save the Date!  8th Grade Ice Cream Social and Completion Ceremony

The 8th grade will be holding an Ice Cream Social and Completion Ceremony on June 22, 2017 at 6:30 PM.  This events is for students and their families (grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. are welcome to attend!).  Questions?  Contact Taffy Ruggeri, Guidance Counselor at (413) 625-9811, X1304 or


Selective Service

Virtually all male U.S. citizens, regardless of where they live, and male immigrants, whether documented or undocumented, residing in the United States, who are 18 through 25, are required to register with Selective Service.  For more information on Selective Service or to register online, go to:  (You can also see Mrs. Strong for a registration card.)


Registering for the SAT

The College Board has announced that this summer is the first time available August administration of the SAT. It will be held on August 27, which gives your student time to (ideally) study over the course of the summer and cruise into their Senior year with the SAT behind them. Please reach out to Mr. Storey ( with questions. Fee waivers available in Student Services for those who qualify for Free/Reduced Lunch.


News from the Art Program

All students should come to the artroom to pick up any work from classes this year!

Time to bring artwork home!

Students represented Mohawk on June 4th at the Ashfield Town Spectacle. We began our Issues in Contemporary Art unit of study on Art in Community with a visit to Double Edge Theatre where we helped to create one of the large paper mache puppets featured in the parade through town.  We then returned to Mohawk to create a collaborative banner mural that explored the questions: “What is progress?” and “What is community?” Below you can see our process and photos from the Town Spectacle in Ashfield.






On June 8th, as part of a larger Mohawk tour of Boston Colleges,  a group of students visited Mass College of Art & Design. Mass Art is the oldest art school in the country and the ONLY PUBLIC art school! While on tour we learned about the many possible creative career tracks available and saw everything from the digital labs, to the kiln room, to the 20th floor dorm room to the metal shop! Some pics from our visit below...


Lastly, enjoy some images from our Color Field explorations and research from our Intermediate Art & Design Course.  Students chose artists from the Color Field Movement to study and then created works to apply their knowledge of the artist and color theory.


High School News


French Field Trip News

By Grace Gokey, Class of 2019:

The French Classes were able to enjoy several field trips this year.  We visited various art museums and exhibits over the semester. To start off our field trips we visited The Clark Art Institute to see the Impressionists which included many well-known artists such as Monet, Degas, and Renoir. Impressionism was an art movement that began in Europe and flourished across France. To see the art made by French artists in the 19th century was a wonderful way to experience the feeling of France and to better understand French culture. To continue our tour of the French experience, we visited The Smith College Museum of Art. Madame Trombly led a tour through the museum completely in French and had us engage in conversation. She showed us all of the European art in the Museum which included artists such as Picasso, Degas, and Rodin. This field trip included time to walk around Northampton and get lunch. Our French class had the pleasure of having a Moroccan food experience at Amanouz. Moroccan cuisine has roots in French culture. In this class we were often able to taste, see, and hear France. For our next field trip, we traveled to The Mead Art Museum at Amherst College. This had a new section of the museum which was a replica of the stolen art and the room of the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum which our class had the privilege of visiting last year. This museum had a diverse collection of art from varying places around the world such as Nigeria, Switzerland, and Russia along with some French art. Our class took the afternoon and went to Chez Albert, an authentic French restaurant where we were able to order our meals in French, converse with the waiter and taste a bit more of the lifestyle. We were able to taste classic French foods such as escargot and pate. Our last field trip together as a class was to Three Sisters Sanctuary on a nice, sunny day. We were able to walk around the gardens and see the beautiful art and experience its healing and calming power. Madame set up a wonderful French picnic for us that included French bread, various cheeses, grapes and apricots. To hear more of the language and practice our pronunciation and reading comprehension, we read French poetry. The field trips for our class were a great way to learn more about the language and culture.


8/9th grade MSC End-of-Year Trip

On June 9th, eighth and ninth grade MSC students took part in our annual hiking/kayaking trip to celebrate the end of a successful school year.  Students and staff kayaked across the Upper Highland Lake, hiked to the DAR fire tower, returned to the lake for an afternoon of kayaking, and ended the day with s’mores. Hunter, a visiting therapy dog, joined us for this adventure. Pictures below detail the day.



High School Final Exam Schedule


Thursday, June 22 Final Exams

The high school exam schedule is as follows:

7:45-9:45       Block 1 exam time (Classes that meet on A days have exams from 7:45-8:40; classes that meet on B days have exams from 8:45-9:45)

9:45-10:00    Break

10:00-12:00 Block 2 exam time (Classes that meet on A days have exams from 10:00-10:55; classes that meet on B days have exams from 11:00-12:00).

Lunch is not served; students are released at 12:00 to the buses.


Friday, June 23 Final Exams

The high school exam schedule is as follows:

7:45-9:45       Block 3 exam time (Classes that meet on A days have exams from 7:45-8:40; classes that meet on B days have exams from 8:45-9:45)

9:45-10:00    Break

10:00-12:00 Block 4 exam time (Classes that meet on A days have exams from 10:00-10:55; classes that meet on B days have exams from 11:00-12:00).

Lunch is not served; students are released at 12:00 to the buses.


News from the Middle School


7th Grade News


7th Grade Leadership and Communications Class

By Grace Gokey, Class of 2019

This semester I had the pleasure of being a teacher’s assistant to Madame Trombly for the 7th grade Leadership and Communications classes and for the 8th grade French classes. I was able to meet so many wonderful students that I would have never had the opportunity to do before. It let me connect to the younger students and get to know them better. It created a connection that is often separated by the break from Middle School to High School. From the Leadership and Communications class I saw many people grow and flourish into amazing leaders. To recognize their efforts, the 7th grade students voted on students whom they saw as role models and leaders in the class.  The Peer Leadership Awards were given on Friday, June 16.  Due to rain, the program with New England Falconry that was planned for that day had to be postponed.  The Falconry program is sponsored by the Mary Lyon Foundation.


Art: 7th grade students are in the midst of a metal work project on local species and pollinators.  We discussed the importance of biodiversity and the role of pollinators in our food system.  Our artwork assignment will challenge students to create depictions of these birds and insects and then transfer them into a metal relief sculpture.

We looked at the art of Louis Masai and Jim Vision, who collaborated to create a “Save the Bees” street art campaign, an example of which can bee (hehe) seen below.


7th Grade Final Week Schedule

Monday, June 19 DAR field trip (weather permitting)

Tuesday, June 20 Regular schedule!

Wednesday, June 21  (A full day of school.)

7:44 - 8:22 Period 6

8:27 - 9:04 Period 7

9:10 - 10:40 Period 1 Final Exam

10:45 - 11:30 MELO

11:39 - 12:04 Lunch

12:10 - 1:40 Period 2 Final Exam

1:45 - 2:15 Study Hall in homerooms


Thursday, June 22 (early release, no related arts)

7:45 - 9:15 Period 3 Final Exam

9:20 - 9:50 MELO .. outside snack… no lunch served today

9:55 - 11:25 Period 4 Final Exam

11:30 - 12:00 CLEAN OUT Lockers… Take most things home tonight!

12:00 Dismissal


Friday, June 23 (early release, there are related arts today)

7:45 - 9:15 Period 5 Final Exam

9:20 - 9:45 Snack and outside break (no lunch again today)

9:45-9:55 Last locker check.

9:57 Dismiss 7th graders to their related arts classes.

10:00 - 12:00 Periods 6 and 7



8th Grade News


8th Grade Ice Cream Social and Completion Ceremony

The 8th grade will be holding an Ice Cream Social and Completion Ceremony on June 22, 2017 at 6:30 PM.  Formal invitations for students and their families will be sent home with students this week.  Questions?  Contact Taffy Ruggeri, Guidance Counselor at (413) 625-9811, X1304 or


Field Trips: While some of the 8th graders were in Washington, DC, other 8th graders were participating in day trips to Heifer Farm International, Mount Sugarloaf, Amherst College Meade and Beneski museums, Mass MoCa, Natural Bridges Park, Berkshire East’s Mountain Coaster and Rowe Pond!


ELA: We concluded our exploration of HAMLET with contemplation about which characters were guilty and which were innocent and why Shakespeare is still so popular today (his plays are the most often performed in the world) . We also saw clips from a variety of interpretations of HAMLET--one was a comedy!--as a way of demonstrating the freedom directors have to set Shakespeare’s plays in different times and places, and whether to emphasize the comic or the tragic. Finals are this coming week! Students have study guides, which I handed out on June 5.


Math: We have rounded out our year looking at linear and inverse variations in data collection.One small group had a single layer (plain paper) 4” bridge which held a small cup with over 200 pennies in it! It was fun and challenging trying to see which bridge could hold the most load before breaking. Hopefully, the students have more tools to critically assess data sets in the general media now! We had Parts 1 and 2 of the math final before the Washington DC trip and will complete the final with a fun, short presentation tying an 8th grade math topic to a chosen preferred activity during finals week. It is a chance to show learning through a more creative method. I have truly enjoyed teaching your children this year. They have all been great to work with!


In the pictures below, the penny placer finally gets the opportunity to find the breaking weight of the bridge!



Art:  8th graders are working on watercolor and block print combinations and are learning about the qualities and techniques of each medium as they compose their pieces.   Below are some images from our watercolor phase.


8th Grade Final Week Schedule


Monday, June 19  is a regular day

Tuesday   June 20

Period 1 exam          7:44- 9:44

MELO                            9:44-10:19

Period 2 exam (start)    10:22-11:33

LUNCH                        11:33-12:00

Period 2 exam (finish)     12:02-12:50     

Wednesday   June 21

Period 3 exam                9:09-11:09

MELO                           11:09-10:36

LUNCH                          11:36-12:04

Period 4 exam              12:06- 2:15

Thursday    June 22

Period 5 exam             7:44-9:45

MELO                           9:45-10:30

rehearsal/locker clean out       10:30-12:00


Friday       June 23

Period 5                     7:44 - 8:04

Period 1                          8:07- 8:27

Period 2                            8:30- 8:50

Period 3 8:53- 9:13

Period 4                           9:15- 9:35

MELO                                  9:35- 10:00

Periods 6 & 7                         10:00-12:00


Looking ahead to next year: a revised middle school schedule


Next year our middle school schedule will feature longer class periods (57 minutes), allowing for more inquiry and exploration within each class.  Through a series of discussions and planning meetings, educators on the 7th and 8th grade teams and the administrative team developed a revised middle school school schedule that includes a daily homeroom, as well as the MELO (Middle School Expanded Learning Opportunities) period for teachers to work with students on focused activities such as enrichment or academic support, and club activities.  All students will have access to a mid-day break before lunch for physical activity.  The Related Arts periods are not affected by this change.


Next year our 7th grade will have four core classes that meet every day: English Language Arts, math, science, and social studies, with art integrated into these core classes.  Our 8th grade will have five core classes, as they have had this year: English Language Arts, math, science, social studies, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math).  These classes will meet on a “waterfall schedule” meaning that four classes will meet each day, and over the course of the week all courses will meet four times.  The 8th grade waterfall schedule, featuring the 5 core courses:



























News from the Mohawk Library

Thank you to everyone who has turned in borrowed library materials!

Visit your local library to join the teen summer reading program!  Visit this website for more information.


Take a look at our library website for resources and updates throughout the summer.

Have a wonderful summer!


News From Special Education


Summer Program

If your student is eligible for summer program you will be receiving a letter this week with dates and times.  


Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions regarding your student's IEP.

Leann Loomis

413-625-0192 x1025


Other Opportunities of Potential Interest
Mohawk Trail Regional School District does not endorse these events or activities, but they are some of the many opportunities that are available that we share with students through posters and announcements within the school building.



Poetry, Music, Art, Writings, Readings, Presentations and Rants

The Second Monday of Every Month at 7:30 pm

At the Ashfield Lake House, 141 Buckland Road, Ashfield


This event is organized in part by Mohawk students.


Charlemont Forum

Yankee Doodle Days 2017