Math Assignments

June 5 - 9, 2017
Monday                 Circle Designs are due tomorrow!
Tuesday                What Figure Am I? worksheet
Wednesday            9-5 Volume worksheet
Thursday                no math classes today
Friday                    Class Field Trip today
                               no math classes... Be sure Wednesday's homework is ready for Monday!

May 30-June 2 , 2017

Monday                  No School.... Memorial Day
Tuesday               Circle Designs due next Tuesday!
                              (Prepare to retake math quiz if below a 75.. Make an appointment to retake it sometime in the next 2 weeks.)
Wednesday          Circle Designs due next Tuesday
Thursday              Circle Designs due next Tuesday
Friday                   Step Up Day... no math classes... Work on circle designs

May 22-26, 2017
Monday                 No math homework.
Tuesday                pgs. 362-363 Q 10-20 evens and 21-27 odds.
Wednesday           9-2 Practice worksheet OR 9-2 Challenge worksheet
Thursday               No math homework. 
Friday                    No math homework.
May 15-19, 2017
Monday                MCAS practice questions #3.
Tuesday                MCAS practice questions #5.
Wednesday        Math MCAS testing tomorrow.  Get a good night's sleep and eat a good breakfast!
Thursday            Math MCAS testing today.... no math homework.
Friday                 Math MCAS testing today.... no math homework.

May 8-12, 2017
Monday         Q 11, 15, 36  FW Investigation 3 ACE pg. 58...   OR Q 11, 36, 49 for more challenge.
Tuesday        Q 22-29  FW Investigation 3 ACE pg. 58...   OR for challenge Q 22-23, 26-29, and 50.
Wednesday    MCAS practice questions #1    
Thursday        MCAS practice questions #2
Friday             No math homework.   

May 1-5, 2017
Monday              No math homework.
Tuesday              Q 9    FW Investigation 1 ACE pg. 15...
Wednesday        Q 28  FW Investigation 1 ACE pg. 15...
Thursday           Read pgs. 49 and 50 and complete vocabulary chart for the three bold-faced words.
Friday                FW Investigation 3... ACE pg. 58.... Q 1-9 OR Q 1-7 and 48.

April 24- 28, 2017
This is the beginning of Quarter 4.  End the year with your best effort!

Monday              Bring your stock market worksheet to class tomorrow.
Tuesday              Draw 5 rectangular prisms.           
Wednesday        No math homework tonight.
Thursday           F/W Investigation 1 ACE pg. 15... Q 1 & 2
Friday                F/W Investigation 1 ACE pg. 15... Q 3 & 4

April 10-14, 2017
Monday              No math homework. (We're between units right now!)
Thursday            ELA MCAS today so no math homework.  Get a good night's rest!
Friday                 ELA MCAS today so no math homework.  Enjoy your well-deserved vacation!

April 3 - 7, 2017

Monday              No math homework.
Tuesday             pg. 88 Problems 2 a & b.       
Wednesday        No math homework, but there is a TEST tomorrow!
Thursday            No math homework.
Friday                 No math homework.

March 27 - 31, 2017

Monday               Do Question A3 on pg. 66.
Tuesday              Do ACE Q 15-25 odds (not #19) or Q 16-18 odds and 45-49 odds
Wednesday        No math homework tonight.
Thursday            ACE Q 51 & 53.
Friday                   Snow Day #8

March 20-24, 2017
Monday                ACE Q 11 & 12
Tuesday               Partner quiz tomorrow.  Finish the practice quiz.
Wednesday          Copy ALL definitions and examples through unit rate and 
                                constant of proportionality.  
Thursday            No math homework
Friday                    Copy ALL definitions and examples through markup and

March 13-17, 2017
Monday            Ace Q 6 &8 beginning on pg. 52 AND add the definitions and examples for
                         the terms rate and rate table to the vocabulary sheet.
Tuesday            SNOW DAY # 7
Wednesday        No math classes today due to the Shrek preview and the Science Fair.
Thursday            Finish pg. 48 questions.
Friday                Finish pg. 50 questions.

March 6-10, 2017
Monday                ACE Questions 19-22 and 61   OR... Q 20,22,32,61,62
Tuesday               No math homework tonight.
Wednesday         Start on pg. 51 for Investigation 2 homework... Do ACE Q 1, 3, and 28.
Thursday            None
Friday                 ACE  Q 4, 5, & 7 (start on pg. 51 for this section's homework)   

February 27 - March 3, 2017
Monday                ACE Questions 10 & 12 for Lesson 1.2
Tuesday                ACE Question 11 for Lesson 1.2
Wednesday            Definitions... part-to-part ratio and part-to-whole ratio
Thursday               ACE Questions 13, 15, 17
Friday                     Definition... proportion

February 13-17, 2017
Monday             Snow Day #6
Tuesday            In our new booklets.... beginning on pg. 19, do Q 1-7 odds and #66
Wednesday       In our new booklets... Questions 2 & 8
Thursday            Finish your taste test poster!
Friday                No homework... Enjoy your winter vacation!

February 6- 10, 2017
Monday              No homework
Tuesday            Snow Day #4
Wednesday      No homework
Thursday          Snow Day #5
Friday                No homework

January 30-February 3, 2017
Monday                  pg. 229 Q 5-20
Tuesday                Coloring Designs/Percents workshet
                    Percent Poster assigned... Due next Monday, February 6
Wednesday           6-1 Worksheet
Thursday                7-9 and 7-10 Worksheet
Friday                    Finish Percent poster

January 23-27, 2017
Monday              Exam Day #1     Periods 1 & 2      Do either pg 474 Q 1-7 (not 4) 
                                                                                OR pg. 478 Q 8-20 evens and #29
Tuesday             SNOW DAY #3
Wednesday        Exam Day #2    Periods 3 & 4        Same as above
Thursday            Exam Day #3    Period 5                Same as above
Friday                 Start of the SECOND HALF of the YEAR  Homework... Do 5 problems from the PARCC packet (first 5 OR the last 5)

January 17-20, 2017
Monday            No school - Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
Tuesday            Worksheet 11-1
Wednesday    pgs. 470-471 Q 1-19 odds + 20 +34 +35 OR Q 22-32 evens + 33-38 all + 40
Thursday        UMASS Basketball trip.....No homework.
Friday            Worksheet 11-2

January 9-13, 2017
Monday            pg. 141 Q 13-28
Tuesday            Quiz today.... No new math homework
Wednesday        No math homework tonight.
Thursday       Investigate which stocks you may want to buy.  Tomorrow is the day to begin buying!
Friday            No math homework
January 3-6, 2017
Tuesday            pg. 128-129 Q 11-27 odd, 43-47 odd, 50&51 OR Q 26-42 even, 45-49 odd,
Wednesday       pg. 134 Q 1-15 and pg. 135 Q 1&2 
Thursday          pg. 139-140 Q 36-48
Friday               pg. 132-133 Q 1-19 odds, 39-43 odds OR Q 27-37 odds, 39-45 all except not #42

December 19-22, 2016
Monday              Finish your stock information worksheet
Tuesday             No math homework
Wednesday        No math homework
Thursday            No math homework
              Happy holidays and have a great vacation!

December 12-16, 2016
Monday              Snow Day #1
Tuesday             pgs. 120-121 Q 11-37 odds and 48-53 all  OR Q 28-46 evens and 48-56 all & 59
Wednesday        no math homework tonight
Thursday            pgs. 124-125 Q 1-11 odds, 27-37 odds, 44-46 all, then 52,53, 55
                                                OR Q 27-39 odds, 48-53 all, then 55, 56, 58
Friday                Snow Day #2

December 5-9, 2016
Monday                 pgs. 110-111 Q 17-33 odds and 38  OR  Q 27-41 odds and 42-44 evens
Tuesday                pgs. 114-115 Q 1-21 odds  OR Q 24-40 evens and 48 + 51
Wednesday          Career Day... no math homework  
Thursday                Preparing for a Quiz  Do pg. 116 Q 1-9 and 14-23... 
                               Use the answers provided to correct your work.  You MUST show the correct
                                 marks or X's on your paper.
Friday                    Quiz today on the first half of Chapter 3.  No new math homework.

November 28 - December 2, 2016
Monday                Worksheet 2-6
Tuesday                pgs. 84-85 Q 1-39 odds, (skip #9 and #25-29)
Wednesday         Lesson 7 Worksheet       
Thursday            pgs. 102-103 Q 11-39 odds, 42-44 all, and 47  OR 3-1 Worksheet
Friday         pgs. 106-107 Q 11-27 odds, 40-44 all, and 53  OR  pgs. 106-107 Q 37-46, and 49-53

November 21-23, 2016
Monday                 Poster for stock pick due Wednesday
Tuesday                Rational Numbers worksheet and finish poster
Wednesday           I hope you enjoy your vacation! (No math homework.)
Thursday               No School - Thanksgiving break
Friday                    No School - Thanksgiving break

November 14-18, 2016
Monday                pgs. 74-75 Q 1-39 odds and 38-42 all
Tuesday               Worksheet 2-5  (practicing for Ch. 2 Test)
Wednesday         Chapter 2 Test... no math homework tonight
Thursday             Explore companies on the stock exchange
Friday                 Poster on stock pick

November 7- 11, 2016
Monday            Worksheet - Solving Equations with Inverse Operation
Tuesday            Professional Day - No school for students
Wednesday        Catamount Hike for 1/2 the class - Other half in school
Thursday            Catamount Hike for 1/2 the class - Other half in school
Friday                Veterans' Day - No School

October 31-November 4, 2016
Monday                2-3 Worksheet
Tuesday               pgs. 62-63 Q 17-49 odds and 52-56 evens
Wednesday         Quiz today on the first half of Chapter 2, no homework
Thursday               No homework.     
Friday                    pgs. 68-69 Q 2-46 evens and 47-59 odds

October 24-28, 2016   Booster Week!
Monday                2-2 Worksheet
Tuesday                Hot and Cold Cubes worksheet
Wednesday            no new math homework tonight
Thursday                no new math homework tonight
Friday                    no new math homework tonight

October 17-21, 2016
Monday                    No math homework
Tuesday                 Worksheet 2-1
Wednesday            No math homework
Thursday                Write an explanation of your understanding of adding 
                                positive and negative numbers.
Friday                       pg. 54-55 Q 2-12 evens, 22-44 evens, 51 and 56

October 10-14
Monday                  Columbus Day holiday... No School
Tuesday                 No math homework
Wednesday            No math homework
Thursday                Interpreting Expressions worksheet
October 3-7, 2016
Monday                 Lesson 1-5 Worksheet
Tuesday                pg. 30 all, Ready to Go On? (Use the answer sheet to correct it!)
Wednesday           second half of Ch. 1 QUIZ today... no new math homework
Thursday                pgs. 34-36 evens, and #35
Friday                    Chapter 1 Test today .... No new math homework... Enjoy the long weekend!

September 26-30, 2016
Monday                pgs. 20-21 Q 1-8, 23-31 odds, and 32-35    (Challenge #41)
Tuesday               pgs. 24-25 Q 1-6, 7-31 odds, and 36            (Challenge #33)
                                Change of plans...  Do pg. 24 Q 1-4, 7-11, and 14-19
Wednesday         Do pgs. 24-25 Q 5+6, 12+13, 20+21, 23-31 odds, and 36 (Challenge #33)
Thursday             Worksheet 1-3 and 1-4
Friday                    pg. 28 Q 1-5, 7-9, and 11-16  Challenge #34

September 19-23, 2016
Monday                Write an expression to reach your class's target number.
Tuesday                pg. 16 Questions 1-4, Correct it with answer sheet.
Wednesday          Quiz in class today on first half of Chapter 1.  No new math homework.
Thursday            The Big E trip!
Friday                    No new math homework.  Have a lovely weekend!

September 12-16, 2016
Monday         Read Lesson 1 pgs. 7 & 8 to learn today's lesson.  
                        Then DO pg. 9 Questions 1-18.  Always copy the problem and show what you did to solve it.
Tuesday         Do pgs. 9-10 Questions 19-37 just the odds and do #43 and 44.
Wednesday    Do pg. 14 Questions 1-12 and 19-24
Thursday        Do pgs. 14-15    Q 25-41 odds and 46-52 evens
Friday                Try to do more of the 1,2,3, 4 Problem, 
                            but you don't have to finish it!

September 5-9, 2016
Monday            Labor Day... No school!
Tuesday            No math homework tonight
Wednesday       6 design ideas for your tessellation
Thursday           Work on your tessellation, which is due on Monday.
Friday                Finished Tessellation is due on Monday!

Last year.....
May 23-27, 2016
Monday            No math homework.
May 16-20, 2016
Monday            No math homework
Tuesday            MCAS 5 Worksheet
Wednesday        Get a good night's sleep.  MCAS tomorrow.
Thursday            Math MCAS Session One
Friday                 Math MCAS Session Two
May 9-13, 2016  
Next week on Thursday and Friday are our 7th grade math MCAS tests.  We will spend this week and next reviewing MCAS problems from previous years.
Monday            MCAS 1 Worksheet
Tuesday            MCAS 2 Worksheet
Wednesday        MCAS 3 Worksheet
Thursday            MCAS 4 Worksheet
Friday                Fractions Review

May 2-6, 2016
Monday                pg. 470-471 Q 1-19 odds, 20, 34, 35
Tuesday                11-2 Worksheet
Wednesday            pg. 474 Q 1-6 (NOT #4)
Thursday               11-4 worksheet
Friday                    11-5 worksheet

April 25-29, 2016
Monday                No math homework.
Tuesday               Worksheet 9-6
Wednesday        Prepare for tomorrow's quiz.  Do Ch. 9 Study Guide AND pg. 392.
Thursday            Quiz today. No new math homework.
Friday                Worksheet 11-1

April 11-15, 2016
Monday            last day of ELA MCAS tests... no math homework
Tuesday            pgs. 376-377 Q 1-24 (except #22)
Wednesday      Worksheet 9-5
Friday                Enjoy your vacation!

April 4 - 8, 2016
Monday            Snow Day!
Tuesday            pg. 372 all and Ch. 9 Study Guide first half - Quiz tomorrow!
Wednesday       Ch. 9 Quiz today... no math homework
Thursday         no math homework
Friday               no math homework

March 28-April 1, 2016
Monday                pgs. 362-363  Questions 1-27 odds and 33
Tuesday                9-2 Review Worksheet
Wednesday         9-2 Practice and Challenge Worksheet
Thursday            10-1 and 10-2 worksheet
Friday                    9-3 worksheet

March 21-25, 2016
Monday            Do pgs. 348-350, all   AND Ch. 8 Study Guide to prepare for test.
Tuesday           Ch. 8 Test, so no math homework.
Wednesday    Triangle activities in class, so no math homework.
Thursday        Triangle activities in class, so no math homework.
Friday              Triangle activities in class (again!), so no math homework.

March 14-18, 2016
Monday               pgs. 324-325 Q 1-23
Tuesday                yellow vocabulary sheet for Lesson 8-3
Wednesday        pg. 328 all
Thursday            Worksheet 8-4
Friday                pg. 344 and finish yellow vocab sheet

March 7-11, 2016
Monday                No math homework tonight.
February 29- March 4, 2016
Monday                Ch. 6 Quiz in class today, so no homework.
Tuesday                pg. 264-266 Q 1-11, 29-34, 38 and 39.  (preparing for Ch. 6 TEST)
Wednesday          Ch. 6 TEST tomorrow.
Thursday            No math homework tonight.
Friday                    No math homework tonight.

February 22 - 26, 2016
Welcome back! .... Hope you had a great vacation!
Monday                pgs. 252-253 Q 1-3, 5-7, 9-11, and 14
Tuesday                pg. 248  Q 1-5, 7-11, 17-19
Wednesday          pgs. 256-257 Q 1-17 odds (not #13) AND do #24
Thursday             pg. 260 Q 1 - 18.
Friday                  Finish Ch. 6 Study Guide... second half  Quiz on Monday.

February 8-12, 2016
Monday                Snow Day #1
Tuesday                pgs. 238-239 Q 6-10, 20-28, 30-38
Wednesday          Worksheet: Reviewing for Ch. 6 quiz first half
Thursday               Ch. 6 Study Guide... first half only
Friday                    Quiz on first half of Chapter 6

February 1 - 5, 2016
Monday        Finish math poster for tomorrow. 
                        Also coloring percents worksheet
Tuesday          Math poster due today! Tonight: Worksheet 7-9/7-10.
Wednesday    Worksheet: Solving Percents with Proportions
Thursday        No math homework tonight.
Friday             pg. 238-239 Q 1-5, 11-19, 37 and 46.

January 25 - January 29, 2016
 Monday           Math midterm for Period 5.    
Tuesday          No math homework.  
Wednesday      Math poster project handed out. Due next Tues.
 Thursday          pg. 229 Are You Ready? Q 1-20, and 30-35.      
Friday               pgs. 234-235 Q 1-10, 17-27 odds, 34-40.  Math poster due Tuesday!

January 19 - January 22, 2016
 Monday            NO SCHOOL - Martin Luther King, Jr. Day      
Tuesday            Work on mid-term exam practice problems
Wednesday      Work on mid-term exam practice problems
 Thursday          Math midterm for Periods 1 & 2. 
Friday               Math midterm for Periods 3 & 4. 

January 11 - January 15, 2016
 Monday            Ch. 4 Quiz today.  No math homework tonight.      
Tuesday            Finish Lesson 2 packet
Wednesday      Finish Lesson 3 packet
 Thursday        Finish Lesson 5 packet           
Friday               Lesson 6 poster

January 4 - January 8, 2016
 Monday            No math homework tonight.      
Tuesday            Worksheet 4-2 both sides.
Wednesday      pgs. 160-161 Q 1-4, and 6-10.
 Thursday        pgs. 160-161 Q 14, 15, 28, 40 and pg. 162 evens.            
Friday               There will be a quiz on Monday.  Do the Chapter 4 Study Guide.

December 14 - December 18, 2015
 Monday          Quiz tomorrow... to prepare do all of pg. 134 and
                                finish the Chapter 3 study guide    
Tuesday            Quiz on second half of Chapter 3.
                            No new math homework tonight.
Wednesday      pg. 141 all... preparing for Ch. 3 Test,
                                    which will be on Monday.                   
 Thursday         pgs. 152-153  Q 1-8 and 15-20 and 23-27             
Friday             No new math homework, but Ch. 3 TEST is on Monday.  

November 30 - December 4, 2015
 Monday          pg. 114 Q 25-39, 42-43        
Tuesday            pg. 116 Ready to Go On? Q 1-9 and 14-24
                            AND  Chapter 3 Study Guide first half only
Wednesday      Career Day... Be sure the first half of Chapter 3 Study guide is ready
                              for tomorrow.
 Thursday        Quiz today on Lessons 3-1 through 3-4.  No math homework.                
Friday               Worksheet - Finding Equivalent Fractions and Simplest Terms

November 23 - 25, 2015
 Monday           pg. 110 Q 17-27 and 38.   
Tuesday            pg. 114 Q 1-21 odds (skip #9)
Wednesday      No math homework.
 Thursday         Happy Thanksgiving               
Friday               No school.

November 16 - 20, 2015
 Monday           pgs. 80-81 Q 1-27 odds and 47-51 odds   
Tuesday            pg. 84 Q 1-39 odds
Wednesday     Equivalent Fractions and Decimals worksheet and
                            pg.97 odds Are You Ready?
 Thursday          pgs. 102-103 Q 11-39 odds, 42-44 all                
Friday               pg. 106-107 Q 11 - 27 odds and 40-44 all
November 9 - 13, 2015
 Monday           Worksheet reviewing subtracting integers and solving equations    
Tuesday            Worksheet - Are You Ready for Rational Numbers 
Wednesday     No School - Veterans' Day
 Thursday        Catamount hike for half the kids... no math homework                    
Friday               Catamount hike for the other half kids... no math homework

November 2 - 6, 2015
 Monday           pgs. 74-75 Q 1-39 odds, 39-42 all     
Tuesday             NO School for students -     District wide Professional Development
Wednesday      Worksheet 2-4 and 2-5
 Thursday        Finish Ch. 2 Study Guide for tomorrow's test
and do pg. 93 Q 1-23                        
Friday            ... NO math homeworkChapter 2 TEST

October 26 - October 30, 2015
 Monday            Worksheet 2-3: Problem Solving AND pg. 76 Questions 1-17 
Tuesday             Quiz tomorrow... tonight finish first half of Study Guide for Chapter 2. 
Wednesday      Chapter 2 First Half QUIZ ... No math homework.
 Thursday        Most groups have no math homework tonight.  Period 3 needs to finish the math modeling worksheet.
Friday                pgs. 68-69 Questions 2-46 evens, and 47-59 odds.

October 19 - October 23, 2015
Monday               No math homework tonight. 
Tuesday               pgs. 54-55 Questions 2-12 evens, 22-44 evens and #51. 
Wednesday        Worksheet 2-2 both sides
 Thursday           Worksheet 2-3
Friday                  pgs. 62-63 Questions 17-49 odds and 50-56 evens 

October 13 - October 16, 2015
 Monday Columbus Day... Enjoy the fall foliage!   NO SCHOOL

Chapter One Math Test today!


Study Chapter 1 vocabulary.... Quiz on Friday.


Worksheet 2-1 and study for Vocabulary quiz


No math homework.

October 5 - October 9, 2015
 Monday  pg. 30 all questions... We're preparing for a quiz on Wednesday.
 Tuesday Finish Study Guide for Chapter One and be sure your yellow vocabulary sheet is completely filled out.

Quiz today.
No math homework tonight.


Finish classwork... pgs. 34-36 Q 2-34 evens

Be sure yellow vocabulary sheet is completely filled out and ready to use in class tomorrow.


Finish vocabulary practice from class today.
Chapter One Math Test on Tuesday.
Have a great Columbus Day weekend.... Come enjoy the Ashfield Fall Festival!

September 28 - October 2, 2015
 Monday  pgs. 20-21 Q 1-8, 13-31 odds, and 32-35
 Tuesday pgs. 24-25 Q 1-6. 7-31 odds, and 36
 Wednesday Worksheet 1-3 and 1-4
 Thursday pg. 28 Q 1-17
Friday Worksheet for Lesson  1-5
September 21 - 25, 2015
 Monday pgs. 14-15 Q 19-41 odds and 46-56 evens
 Tuesday Study Guide first half to prepare for tomorrow's quiz
 Wednesday Quiz on first half of Chapter 1 - no math homework
 Thursday Big E Trip - no math homework
Friday No math homework

September 14 - 18, 2015

pgs. 9-10 Q 1-18, 43-45


pgs. 9-10 19-39 odds, and 43-45


Get math info signed by a parent.


pg. 14 Questions 1-12


pg. 16 Q 1-14 (skip #10)

September 8 - 11, 2015

Labor Day - No School


No math homework tonight.


6 different tessellation designs


Work on tessellation, which is due Monday


Finish tessellation by Monday.

June 15 - June 18, 2015

Finish review packet for the math end of year exam.


Exams for Period 1 and Period 2.


Exams for Period 3 and Period 4.

12:00 Dismissal


Exams for Period 5.

12:00 Dismissal    This is the last day of school for the year!

  Enjoy your summer vacation!

June 8 - June 12, 2015

Wind turbine scale drawings are due today.

If you haven't finished your wind turbines do that tonight.


Due to rain and possible thunderstorms our field trip to the Searsburg, VT wind turbines  has been CANCELED.

No math homework tonight.


Optional... extra credit for the final exam... Finish one of your circle designs for display.

 Thursday Find all of your study guides for the year.  They are worth extra credit on the final exam.
 Friday   Work of the review packet to prepare for the final exam.

June 1 - June 5, 2015

Due to rain our field trip to the Searsburg, VT wind turbines for tomorrow has been POSTPONED until next Tuesday.

We began a math scale drawing activity in class today.  We will continue to work on it tomorrow in class.  The final drawing is due next Monday, June 8th.


Work on your wind turbine scale drawing.


Get ready for our trip to Boston.

 Thursday Look out Boston ....Here we come!
 Friday   Finish your wind turbine scale drawing, which is due Monday.
May 26 - May 29, 2015
 Monday Memorial Day - No School

No math homework tonight.... but tomorrow we will have a quiz to wrap up our MCAS unit.


Bring in the Searsburg wind permission and money.


May 18 - May 22, 2015
 Monday MCAS Worksheet #7

Get a good night's rest and eat a nourishing breakfast to help you prepare for tomorrow's MCAS tests!

 Wednesday Math MCAS tests - Session 1
 Thursday Math MCAS tests - Session 2
 Friday   Relax and enjoy your weekend!  We appreciate your hard math work this week!

May 11 - May 15, 2015
 Monday MCAS Worksheet #1

MCAS Worksheet #3

 Wednesday MCAS Worksheet #4
 Thursday MCAS Worksheet #6
 Friday   MCAS Worksheet #5

May4 - May 8, 2015
 Monday Worksheet 11-1

pg. 470 Q 1-7, 8-20 evens, 33-37, 40

 Wednesday Worksheet 11-2
 Thursday Worksheet 11-4
 Friday   Worksheet 11-5

April 27- May 1, 2015
 Monday Worksheet 9-6

pg. 392 Q 1-2, 5-10  AND   finish Ch. 9 Study Guide

 Wednesday pg. 463 Q 1-12 all and 13-35 odds only ... due Friday
 Thursday Finish last night's homework.
 Friday   No homework

April 13- April 17, 2015
 Monday Second session of ELA Reading MCAS.  No math class today.
 Tuesday Worksheet 9-5.
 Wednesday pg. 384 questions 1-4
Period 2 has worksheet 10-1 instead.
 Thursday No math homework.
 Friday   Enjoy your vacation!

April 6- April 10, 2015
 Monday Worksheet 9-3
 Tuesday Pg. 372 all and first half of Study Guide for Chapter 9
 Wednesday Chapter 9 quiz on first half in class today.
No math homework tonight..... Get a good night's rest in preparation for tomorrow's Reading MCAS test.
 Thursday No math classes today, due to today's 7th grade  Reading MCAS test.
 Friday   No math classes today, due to today's 7th grade  Reading MCAS test.

March 30- April 3, 2015
 Monday Fraction worksheet
 Tuesday pg. 362-363 Q 1-10, 11-27 odds, and 33
 Wednesday No math homework tonight.... Get a good night of rest to be ready for tomorrow's MCAS Composition test!
 Thursday You worked hard enough today on your MCAS composition.  You deserve a break.  No math homework!
 Friday   Most finished in class, but if you didn't...    finish Worksheet 9-2.

March 23-27, 2015
 Monday Worksheet 4-4
 Tuesday Worksheet 4-5
 Wednesday Worksheet 4-6
 Thursday pg. 180
and Map Proportions worksheet
 Friday   No new homework over the weekend.

March 16-20, 2015
 Monday pgs. 324-325 Q 1-23, 28 and 29
 Tuesday Worksheet 8-4 which includes some problems from the book pg. 332.
 Wednesday pg. 344 all AND finish the Chapter 8 vocabulary sheet
 Thursday Test tomorrow.
Do Chapter 8 study guide AND pgs. 348-350.
 Friday Chapter 8 test today.  No new homework over the weekend.

March 9-13, 2015
 Monday pg. 312 Q 1-14
 Tuesday Measuring Angles worksheet
 Wednesday Chapter 8 vocabulary - Just do the front side.
 Friday none

March 2-6, 2015
 Monday Preparing for a quiz tomorrow...
Finish Chapter 6 Study Guide
pg. 260 Questions 1-18
 Tuesday Chapter 6 quiz today, so no new math homework.
 Wednesday Two hour delay.
Preparing for a test tomorrow!
pgs. 264-265 Questions 1-19 and 29-34 and 38.
You must CORRECT your work and show the correct marks or x's.
 Thursday Chapter 6 Test today, so no new math homework.
Progress reports come out early next week, so catch up on missing work if you're behind.
 Friday pg. 307 Are You Ready for Chapter 8

February 23-27, 2015
 Monday No math homework.
 Tuesday Worksheet: Using the Proportion Method to Solve Percent Problems
 Wednesday pg. 248 Q 1-5, 7-11, 17-19
 Thursday pg. 248 Q 6 + 20   AND  pg. 252 Q 1-3, 5-7, 9-11, 14
 Friday pg. 256-257 Q 1-17 odds AND 24  (skip #13)

February 2-6, 2015
 Monday SNOW DAY #5
 Tuesday Two hour delay.
Worksheet 7-9
 Wednesday Worksheet 7-10

January 26-30, 2015

 Monday Second Semester begins.   We're halfway through!
No math homework.
 Tuesday SNOW DAY #4
 Wednesday pg. 229 Questions 1-30.
 Thursday Worksheet: Fractions, Decimals, and Percents...Oh My!
 Friday pg. 229 Questions 1-10, 11-27 odds, 34-40, and 49

January 20-23, 2015

 Monday No School - Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
 Tuesday Continue working on your practice packet for mid-term exam.
 Wednesday Mid-term Exams for Math Period 1 and 2
 Thursday Mid-term Exams for Math Period 3 and 4
 Friday Mid-term Exams for Math Period 5

January 12-16, 2015
 Monday SNOW DAY #3
Chapter 4 Quiz today!
No new math homework.  The end of the marking period is approaching.  If you have missing assignments, please work on them tonight and get late credit for it!
 Wednesday No new math homework.  I handed out math grade reports.
If you have missing assignments, please work on them tonight and get late credit for it!
Worksheet 4-3
 Friday Continue working on your practice packet for mid-term exam.

January 5-9, 2015
  Happy New Year!
 Monday Do pgs. 152-153 Questions 1-8, 10-20 evens, 21-25 odds.
 Tuesday Do Worksheet 4-2.
 Wednesday Do pg. 156 Questions 1-12.
Do pgs. 160-161 Questions 1-15 and 28 and 40.
 Friday We're preparing for Monday's quiz on the first half of Chapter 4.
            Do pg. 162 all and...
            ...complete  the Chapter 4 Study Guide.

December 22-23, 2014

 Monday Grocery store math activity.
No new math homework.
 Tuesday No math homework over the vacation.

Happy Holidays!
See you "next year" !

December 15-19, 2014
 Monday We're preparing for a quiz on the second half of Chapter 3 tomorrow.

            Do pg. 134 all and...
            ...finish the second half of the Chapter 3 Study Guide.
 Tuesday Quiz today... No new math homework.
 Wednesday We're preparing for a test tomorrow on all of Chapter 3.
Do pg. 141 evens.
 Thursday Change of plans for today.  More practice is needed before taking the test.  Some students did pg. 141 odds.  Other students made corrections on earlier quizzes.

 Friday TEST today... No new math homework.

December 8-12, 2014

 Monday Lesson 3-5: Adding and Subtracting Fractions and Mixed Numbers
pg. 120-121 Questions 11-37 odds, 49-53 all
 Tuesday Snow Day
 Wednesday Lesson 3-6: Multiplying with Fractions and Mixed Numbers
pg. 124-125 Questions 11-45 odds and 52, 53, 55, 60.
Challenge questions: 48-51 and 56-58.
 Thursday Lesson 3-7: Dividing with Fractions and Mixed Numbers
pgs. 128-129 Questions 11-35 odds and 42, 43, 47, 52.
Challenge questions: 45, 46, 49, 50.
 Friday Lesson 3-8: Solving Equations Containing Fractions
pgs. 132-133 Questions 1-25 odds, 39-41 all, 43 and 49.
Challenge question: 44.

December 1-5, 2014
 Monday pg. 114 Questions 25-39 odds, 42-45 all and 49-50.
 Tuesday pg. 116 Questions 1-9 and 14-24.
 Wednesday Study Guide for the FIRST HALF of Chapter 3.
Quiz tomorrow!

 Thursday Quiz today!... No new math homework, however you should take this opportunity to complete missing assignments.  Change your zeros into 6's to improve your overall grade before Progress Reports get issued early next week.
 Friday Fraction Skills worksheet

November 24 - 26, 2014

 Monday pgs. 110-111 Questions 19-35 odds and 38-39
 Tuesday pgs. 114-115 Questions 1-23 odds.
 Wednesday No new math homework, although some students could use this break to get caught up on missing work in math and any other subject.
11:30 Dismissal for the holidays.

 Thursday NO SCHOOL                  Happy Thanksgiving!

November 17 - 21, 2014

 Monday pgs. 84-85 Questions 1-39 odds and 46-47.
Practice your flashcards for a timed quiz on Friday.
 Tuesday pg. 97 ALL
 Wednesday pgs. 102-103 Questions 11-39 odds and 40-45 all.
Practice decimal/fraction equivalents with flashcards.
 Thursday pgs. 106-107 Questions 11-31 odds, 40-44 all
Practice decimal/fraction equivalents with flashcards.
 Friday pg. 110  Questions 3-6
Quiz on decimal/fraction equivalents.

November 10 - 14, 2014

 Monday Catamount hike for half the group.
 Tuesday Veteran's Day - NO School
Catamount hike for half the group.
 Thursday pg. 80-81 Q 13-33 odds, 43-51 odds, and 54-55.
 Friday Worksheet: Equivalent Fractions and Decimals
Make mini-flashcards for assigned fractions and decimals.

November 3 - 7, 2014
 Monday Quiz today.
No new homework.

 Tuesday pg. 93 Questions 1-23 to prepare for Ch. 2 Test tomorrow!
 Wednesday Ch. 2 Test today....
No new math homework.

 Thursday Catamount trip postponed until next Monday and Wednesday.

October 27 - 31, 2014

 Monday pgs. 68-69 Questions 2-46 evens and 47-59 odds.
(If you want to retake the Chapter 2 first half quiz, you must do so by Thursday since the marking period is coming to a close.)
 Tuesday Different homework for different classes.  Most had a short worksheet of solving equations.
 Wednesday 2-4 Worksheet: Solving Integers Involving Integers
 Thursday Worksheet 2-4 and 2-5 AND Finish study guide for lessons 2-4 and 2-5.
Quiz on Monday on Lessons 2-4 and 2-5
 Friday NO SCHOOL for students - District-wide Professional Day

October 20 - 24, 2014

 Monday   Worksheet 2-3
 Tuesday   pgs. 62-63 Questions 17-49 odds and 50-56 evens.
 Wednesday   Preparing for a quiz tomorrow...
Ready?  pg. 76 Questions 1-17
AND complete the first half of the Chapter 2 Study Guide.
 Thursday   QUIZ in class today, so no new homework.
 Friday   No new homework in math tonight.  Enjoy your weekend!

October 14 - 17, 2014

 Monday   No School - Columbus Day
 Tuesday   Worksheet 2-1
 Wednesday   none
 Thursday   pgs. 54-55 Questions 2-12 evens,   22-44 evens, and #51.
 Friday   Worksheet 2-2

October 6 - 10, 2014

 Tuesday    No math homework tonight.
 Wednesday   No math homework tonight.
 Thursday   No math homework tonight.
 Friday    Finish pg. 43 all.

September 29-October 3, 2014
 Monday    Do pg. 30 all
 Tuesday    Complete Study Guide for Chapter 1 in preparation for quiz on Wednesday.
 Wednesday    Quiz today... no math homework.
 Thursday    Do pgs. 34-36 evens.
 Friday    CHAPTER 1 TEST on Monday.

September 22-26, 2014
Monday         Do pg. 20-21 Questions 1-8 and 9-35 odds.  (Challenge Q 36, 39, 41.)
Tuesday         Do pg. 23-24 Questions 1-25 and 36.  (Challenge Q 37)
Wednesday   Do Worksheet 1-3 and 1-4.
Thursday        Do p. 28 Questions 1-16. (Challenge Q 17)
Friday                Do Worksheet 1-5.

September 15-19, 2014
Monday         Finish last Thursday's work, if you haven't already.  pg. 14 Q 1-15.
Tuesday         Do pg. 14-15 Questions 19-35 odds, 41-53, 58 and 59.
Wednesday   Do pg. 16.
Thursday        Finish study guide for the first half of Chapter 1.  Quiz tomorrow.
Friday                 No new homework.  Use this time to complete any missing work, so you can start out next week all caught up!

September 8 - 12, 2014

Monday         Do 9-10 Questions 1-18.
Tuesday         Do pgs. 9-10 Questions 19-39 odds and 43-45.
Wednesday   Do Worksheet 1-1.
Thursday        Do pg. 14 Questions 1-15.
Friday                 The Big E - no new math homework.

September 2 - 5, 2014

Monday         Labor Day
Tuesday         No math homework tonight.
Wednesday   Complete at least four different design ideas for your tessellation.
Thursday        Final Tessellation due Monday.
Friday                 Final Tessellation due Monday.

2013-2014 School Year

June 16-19, 2014

        On Monday and Tuesday the school day ends at the regular time.

        On Wednesday and Thursday the school day ends at 12:00, and no school lunches will be served. 7th graders may want to bring a hefty
         snack to be eaten at break on each of these days.

Monday - First exam period.  Students have seen a schedule telling on which day they have each exam.
    The school  day ends at the regular time.
Tuesday - Class field trip to the D.A.R. State Forest.  The group will leave at about 8:00 and return to school by 12:50, at which time they will be going to their normal Period 6 and 7 classes.  The school  day ends at the regular time.
- Second and Third exam periods. Students have seen a schedule telling on which day they have each exam.
- Fourth exam period.

It has truly been a pleasure to work with this wonderful group of students this year. 
I look forward to seeing their contributions to the school community as they advance through the years.

Have a fun and relaxing summer vacation!

June 9-13
Monday - Study Guide for first half of Chapter 11.  Quiz tomorrow.
    Also... many students did not finish and pass in the homework that was due today: Energy circle graph and pg. 482 evens.  If those are not complete, get them done right away!

Tuesday - Quiz today on Chapter 11 first half.

Wednesday - Look for all of your old study guides.  You'll want them tomorrow as we begin to prepare for the final exam, and you'll earn bonus points on the final exam for each study guide you still have.
    Get that Energy Circle graph done!

Thursday - A packet to prepare for the final exam was passed out today along with the answers.
We began working on it in class today.  Students should continue to work on this for homework right up until they have the math final exam next week.  I'm not going to collect and grade this practice packet, but students who complete it will be better prepared for the final exam.

Friday - We continued to work on the final exam preparation packet in class and students should continue working on it over the weekend.

7th grade final exams begin on Monday next week.  Students will have one exam on Monday, two exams on Wednesday, and one exam on Thursday.  There is no exam in PBL.  Students have been given a schedule to let them know which subject exams they will have each day.
(Next week, on Tuesday, we're taking a class trip to the DAR State Forest.)

June 2-6
Monday - 
no math homework
Tuesday -
Worksheet 11-3
Two assignments were given today.  They're both due on Monday, the next day we will have a regular length math class.
1.  Do pg. 482 evens.
2. Finish circle graph project.
Thursday- NWEA testing, so no regular classes.  Do Wednesday's homework!
Friday -   NWEA testing, so no regular classes.  Do Wednesday's homework!

May 26-3o

Monday - no school - Memorial Day
Tuesday - Lesson 11-2 pgs. 474-475: Questions 1-7,  and 8-14 evens (Challenge group do 16 - 20 evens, too) This is a slight change from what was given in some classes, so I hope some of you look at this site!
Wednesday - no math homework tonight
Thursday - Field Trip to Boston!
Friday - no school for 7th graders due to Step Up Day

May 19-23
- no math homework tonight
Tuesday - no math homework tonight
Wednesday - no math homework tonight
Thursday - Worksheet 11-1
Friday - no math homework over the weekend

May 12-16

Monday - MCAS practice worksheet #6.
Tuesday - MCAS practice worksheet #7.
    You've been working hard as we've been preparing for MCAS. 
        1. Get a good night's rest.
        2. Eat a good breakfast on Thursday.
        3. Come ready to show what you know, because you know a lot!
        7th Grade Math MCAS - Session 1 today.
        No math homework tonight.... Get another good night's rest along with a good breakfast on Friday a.m.
     7th Grade Math MCAS - Session 2 today.  You'll do GREAT!!!!!
        No math homework over the weekend.  Enjoy yourself and be proud of your extraordinary efforts!
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