September 21st

Please reach your Monday reading goal. Have a fun weekend! 
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September 18th 

Please reach your Wednesday reading goal. 
If your persuasion packet or your poster are missing, please bring them in as soon as possible! 
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September 17th

Tonight please finish the persuasion packet you received on Friday and reach your reading goal. 

Also, please spend some time tonight thinking about your group project so that you can come in with ideas to use in class! 

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September 12th 

Please reach your Thursday reading goal. On Friday, you will receive a packet during class. This is due on Tuesday 9/18. 
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September 11th 

Please reach your Wednesday reading goal. If you have not turned in your poster yet, be prepared to hand it in at the beginning of class tomorrow! 
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September 10th 

Tonight, please reach your Tuesday reading goal. Some of you are continuing to work on your posters. If you fall into this category, your poster is due by the beginning of class on Wednesday. 

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September 7th 

Please reach your Monday reading goal and have a wonderful weekend! 
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September 5th 

Tonight your homework is to reach your reading goal (the page number next to "Thurs 6" on your red bookmark calendar). Also, please bring in photos, clippings, or printed images you would like to include on your poster! 

See you tomorrow! 
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August 31st

Welcome, 7th Graders!

I have had a great week with you! I'm really looking forward to our time together this year. I can already tell that you are a fun and energetic class with a lot of enthusiasm for learning!

This weekend, your homework is to get your forms and permission slip signed and returned if you have not already. Your letter to me is due at the beginning of class on Wednesday.

Have a wonderful long weekend! 

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