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8th Grade US History


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            Welcome to the 8th grade social studies class.  I am excited about the topics that we will explore together as we try to understand “what the big deal is” about World History and how it relates to each of us individually.  My expectations are that you simply come to class prepared and be ready to work hard.  Below you find a list of the topics, followed by a breakdown of how you will be graded.  If you, your parents or guardians have any questions, please feel free to call or e-mail me with any concerns.


1st Quarter                 

  • The Emergence and Expansion of Islam to 1500
  • The Growth and Decline of Islamic Empires
  • The Encounters Between Christianity and Islam

2nd Quarter

  • The Medieval Period in Europe to 1500
  • Renaissance and Reformation in Europe
  • Scientific Revolution and the Enlightenment in Europe

3rd Quarter    

  • European Western Expansion and Civilizations of Central and South America
  • African History to 1800

4th Quarter

  • Indian History to 1800
  • History of China, Japan and Korea


30% Tests and Journals

30% Quizzes and Presentations

30% Homework

10% Preparedness


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