All teens under 18 years of age must complete a work permit application and obtain a work permit before starting a new job. Students ages 14-17 can obtain a work permit application from Mrs. Strong in Student Services, by clicking on the link below, or by going on the website. ( )  

Once all of the required parts of the application are filled out and signed off on by the appropriate parties, please see Mrs. Strong to set up an appointment to process the application and to receive the work permit. Please note that the student must be present to sign the work permit in front of Mrs. Strong, or an approved representative in her absence. During summer months, please call ahead since Student Services has reduced summer hours. Incomplete work permit applications will not be processed. Please refer to the helpful Application Check List link below to make sure you have fulfilled all of the requirements.  

For information on the work permit application process, go to:

In addition to the work permit application, non-Mohawk students must provide the following information:  

1) School record, (I.e. transcript, letter on school letterhead indicating the last grade completed or report card that indicates current grade level) or proof of meeting requirements for completion of the 6th grade.  For home-schooled students, you must provide a current signed document showing approval of your home school status.
2) Proof of age. (I.e. passport, driver's license or birth certificate)

For additional youth employment information from the office of the Attorney General, Maura Healey see the link below: