Annapolis Trip

This spring, the High School Band and Choirs will be participating in the Worldstrides Heritage Exhibition Festival in Annapolis, Maryland!  

Scroll down to find detailed posts about the trip. New posts will be published as details for the trip are confirmed and when new fundraising activities are added! Stay tuned! 

Annapolis Trip Info Packet

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Dear Music Families,

This packet will provide you with information for the upcoming trip to the Annapolis Music Festival, April 7-10!  Please review all items carefully, and sign and return the necessary forms ASAP. 

Here’s what you will find in this packet:

·         Packing List

·         Itinerary and Contact Info

·         Departure Logistics

·         Rules of Travel……..  (sign and return)

·         Permission Slip …….  (sign and return)

Please call me or email me with any questions or concerns!



Scott Halligan

Music Director

Mohawk Trail Regional High School

26 Ashfield Road

Shelburne Falls, MA 01370

(413) 625-9811 x1317 office

(413) 512-3133 cell


Packing List – Please Read Carefully!

All students participating in this trip are required to bring the following:


·         Concert Attire: Black dresses and tights for girls, blue shirts and black ties for boys, which have been provided by the Mohawk Music Association.  Families are responsible for providing their students with the following:

o   Black dress shoes (flats) for girls

o   Black dress shoes, black socks, white t-shirt, and black dress pants for boys.

·         Appropriate clothing: Students will need suitable apparel and shoes for activities.  For the Kennedy Center, boys should wear slacks (no jeans), a dress shirt, and their concert dress shoes (no sneakers), tie optional, sport coat optional; girls should wear nice pants and top or a dress, with appropriate footwear.  (From an online discussion board on what to wear to the Kennedy Center: “It is ‘classier’ at the KC than at a Broadway show - most guys in a sport coat or blazer, women in nice pants and top or a dress. It's nice. I wish Broadway was more like this.”)  For the Smithsonian Museums and Naval Academy, casual clothing and layers with comfortable shoes for walking.  For Medieval Times, students should dress casual and be prepared to eat with their hands! 

In general, pack layers and be prepared for rain or shine! 

Students should also pack comfortable clothing for long bus rides.

·         Cash for the bus driver’s tip: $3/person

·         Cash for meals: lunch on Thursday en route to Annapolis, lunch on Friday at the Smithsonian (can be expensive), and lunch and dinner on Sunday en route back to Mohawk.  Approx $50-75

·         Daypack or bag: for carrying items during the day.  

Concert Band students will need to bring:


·         Sheet Music in black folders

·         Instruments

·         Supplies (extra reeds, valve oil, etc)

·         Percussionists will need to pack instruments listed separately  




Optional items:


·         Snacks for bus rides:  Past students have brought grocery bags full of food!  Bringing breakfast for the first morning is a good idea. 

·         Cash for souvenirs:  Souvenirs and keepsakes will be available to purchase at the Kennedy Center, Smithsonian Museum Gift Shop, and Medieval Times. 

·         Cell phones:  Students are more than welcome to bring their phones on this trip.  

·         iPods, DVDs, etc:  Since we will have two long bus rides, students should bring items for entertainment.  The bus will be equipped with TVs and a DVD player, so students can bring appropriate movies to watch together and help pass the time.  The bus may also be wifi enabled, and/or have power outlets available for charging personal devices (you might want to bring a power strip as well). 

·         Swim suit:  Our hotel has an indoor pool!

·         Sunscreen and hat: we will spend some time outdoors on the grounds of the Smithsonian Museums and the Naval Academy.  

·         Medications:  medications will be carried by Mr. Halligan, with the exception of meds ordered by physician to be self-administered (ie: inhaler, EpiPen).  Chaperons can carry meds for their own children on the trip.

·         Chorus folders: Singers will perform from memory, but bringing a folder of music to study during bus rides and other idle times is encouraged.

By the way, here is what’s included in the cost of this trip:


·         Transportation by Travel Kuz Coach Bus

·         Hotel Accommodation with heated indoor swimming pool, linens and towels; each room is equipped with a mini fridge

·         Dinner on Thursday, Breakfast and Dinner on Friday, Breakfast Lunch and Dinner on Saturday

·         National Symphony Orchestra concert at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts

·         Smithsonian Museums

·         US Naval Academy organ demonstration and Glee Club concert

·         Festival Performances and Adjudication

·         Medieval Times banquet dinner and Awards Ceremony




Itinerary and Contact Information

Worldstrides Heritage Annapolis Music Festival April 7–10


Thursday, April 7:

5:30 AM: Arrive at Mohawk (cafeteria door) and load bus

(Yup. 5:30 in the morning. This is not a misprint!)

6:00am departure. Stops en route for lunch/snacks

3:00pm: Hotel check-in, prepare for evening out

4:30pm: Dinner at Golden Corral

6:30pm: Arrive at Kennedy Center


Nikolaj Znaider conducts a program that includes Mozart's Piano Concerto No. 27,

featuring pianist Benjamin Grosvenor, and Mahler's Symphony No. 1. Performance

held in the Concert Hall, running time 1 hour, 40 minutes.

9:00pm: Return to hotel


Friday, April 8:           

8:30am: Breakfast at Hard Rock Cafe

After breakfast, depart for Smithsonian Museums

            Mid-day: Lunch on-own

            3:30pm: depart for US Naval Academy in Annapolis


Performance by premier concert organist Monte Maxwell on an instrument important

to the academy's history. The Main Organ Console, which was paid for by a gift from

the Naval Academy Class of 1951, is the largest drawknob organ console in the world. Its specifications include: 268 ranks plus percussion and traps, 522 drawknobs, 796 total controls, 15688 pipes and 5 manuals.

6:30pm: Dinner on US Naval Academy grounds


Under the direction of Cindy Bauchspies

9:00pm: Return to hotel






Saturday, April 9: 

7:00am: Buffet Breakfast at hotel


Annapolis Area Christian School


109 Burns Crossing Rd.

Severn, MD 21144

8:50: Concert Band Warm Up

9:20: Concert Band Performance


            Northeast Senior High School


1121 Duvall Highway

Pasadena, MD 21122

11:15am: Panera Bread lunch delivery

12:10pm: Concert Chorus Warm Up

12:40pm: Concert Chorus Performance

            1:50pm: Select Chorus Warm Up

2:10pm: Select Chorus Performance

            4:00pm: Depart for hotel for down time and change for Medieval Times Banquet

            6:00pm: Arrive at Medieval Times for Banquet Dinner and Awards Ceremony

            9:30pm: Return to hotel


Sunday, April 10:

9:30am: Room Check, Check Out, Load Bus and Depart for home 

            Stops en route for lunch/snacks.

6:00 PM (Approx) return to Mohawk, unload bus, parent pick-up.








Mr. Halligan’s Cell: (413) 512-3133

In case of emergency, please call!

For non-urgent matters please send text messages or email

Departure Logistics

Here is the procedure we will follow on the morning of our departure from Mohawk. 

Students will be required to check in individually with Mr. Halligan and chaperons before loading their luggage and boarding the bus.

1.      Parents should park in the staff parking lot at the rear of the school at 5:30am on Thursday, April 7.  Our Travel Kuz coach bus will be idling on that side of the building.  Parents and students can enter the school via the cafeteria door and report to the music room.  Students can leave their luggage outside. 


2.      Students will check in with Mr. Halligan in the music room.  Parents are encouraged to also check in with Mr. Halligan to confirm that he has all of the required forms.  Mr. Halligan will mark the student “present” and check whether the student has handed in the signed permission slip and rules of travel.  Students will not be permitted to board the bus without the required forms.  If forms are missing, students and parents can sign the forms and hand in to Mr. Halligan that morning. 


Mr. Halligan will also collect student’s medications, with the exception of meds ordered by physician to be self-administered (ie: inhaler, EpiPen).  Chaperons can carry meds for their own children on the trip.


After checking in with Mr. Halligan, students will receive a “boarding pass.”  The boarding pass will require chaperon signatures for luggage to be loaded and for the student to board the bus.   


3.      After receiving a boarding pass from Mr. Halligan and retrieving any items they need from the music room, students will be required to check in with chaperons outside near the bus.  They will need to show that they have the items on the packing list – especially Concert Attire.  Students will need to open their luggage so that chaperons can visually confirm that each student has all of the required items.  Concert Band members will also need to show that they have their instrument, sheet music, and accessories.  Once a chaperon has confirmed that the student has packed the required items, they will sign or stamp the student’s boarding pass. 


4.      The student may load their luggage and board the bus. 

The first 3 rows are reserved for Mr. Halligan and chaperons.   

Rules of Travel

It is the expectation of the Mohawk Music Department that students abide by the behavioral expectations outlined in the Student Handbook.  You can review the handbook at:

In addition to the expectations outlined in the Handbook, students agree to the following additional Rules of Travel:


Curfew: Curfew will be determined each evening by Mr. Halligan.  Students are required to stay in their hotel rooms from curfew until the time in the morning determined by Mr. Halligan.  Violating curfew may result in the loss of participation in field trip activities and/or student being returned home at parent’s expense.  A hotel security guard has been hired to patrol our area of the hotel for the duration of our stay. 


Drugs and Alcohol: Students found to be under the influence or in possession of drugs or alcohol during the course of the trip will be excluded from remaining field trip activities and may be returned home at the parent’s expense.  All students in the same room where alcohol/drugs are found may be held responsible.  Mr. Halligan and parent chaperones reserve the right to search students’ personal belongings and rooms at any point before, during, or at the conclusion of the trip to ensure that no prohibited items are in students’ possession.


Liability for Personal Belongings: Students assume full responsibility for their personal belongings.  Mohawk High School, Mr. Halligan, and parent chaperones will not be held responsible for lost, damaged, missing or stolen property. 


All other rules and expectations set by Mr. Halligan and/or designated parent chaperones are to be followed at all times.  These are set to ensure the safety of all students attending the trip as well as the reputation of our school.  Mr. Halligan reserves the right to exclude a student from any and all activities if their behavior is disrespectful, dangerous, or violates any of our behavioral expectations.  Parents and school administration will be contacted regarding any violations.

I have read and understood the information listed above.


Student name ______________________ Student signature __________________________


Parent name _______________________ Parent signature ___________________________


Date _____________________

Permission Slip

My child has my permission to attend the Worldstrides Heritage Annapolis Music Festival in Annapolis, MD from Thursday, April 7 to Sunday, April 10, 2016.  My child also has permission to travel by coach bus. 

I have reviewed the Packing List carefully and will ensure that my child packs the required items and Concert Attire.

I promise to drop off my child at Mohawk on time, bright and early, at 5:30 AM on Thursday, April 7.

I have reviewed the Rules of Travel with my child.  My child agrees to abide by these rules.


Student name: ___________________________________________________________________


Student Signature: __________________________________________________________________


Parent name: _____________________________________________________________________


Parent signature: ____________________________________________Date: __________________


Emergency Contact phone number: ­­­­­­­­­____________________________________________________







The Annapolis trip is supported in part by grants from the Ashfield, Buckland, Charlemont-Hawley, Colrain, Cummington, Heath, Plainfield, Rowe, and Shelburne Cultural Councils, local agencies which are supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency. 


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