Ms. Rutz: Masters in Science Education, University Massachusetts Amherst Professional Teaching License

    Welcome to seventh grade science!  I am looking forward to an exciting and productive school year with each and every student.  My goal is to teach the real world hands on connections between science, math and our everyday environment.  This year we have a new enlightening and comprehensive curriculum that has been designed by the district to help students succeed in  8th grade MCAS as well as become productive members of society.  Students will be expected to work productively in the classroom as individuals as well as in groups and to complete homework assignments at home.  Because we are a community of learners, we agree to the following expectations, routines, and procedures in order to create a successful learning environment for all.


As members of the Mohawk learning community, we are all expected to:

Be respectful, Be responsible, Be a role model, Be engaged and, Be accountable! 

            In addition each and every member of our community will treat each other and the classroom with kindness and RESPECT (peers, teachers/staff, community members, and anyone entering the classroom).  Students will come to class on time, prepared to learn and accept responsibility for their actions.  I strongly believe that “I Can’t” does not exist in our classroom.  Any student may stay after school for extra help when needed.  I will be after school every day, except Wednesdays, for students who need extra help on an as needed basis.  Students will need to make arrangements with me.  


Below is a list of materials I require students to have by for Science.  The cost of the materials is around 4 dollars.  Due to the geographic isolation of students they have the option of turning the money in to me  and I will pick up the materials for them and bring them to class.  If families are unable to purchase these materials they must call or email Ms. Rutz immediately so that arrangements can be made.

1) Composition Book college ruled full size
2) Pencils, Lots of Pencils

3) Not required but recommended- box of colored pencils

 *Throughout the year students may need other items for Science Fair projects and labs.  Examples may include empty 2Lt soda bottles, leaves, newspapers  ECT.  I will try to keep the cost low, many items can come from things that are already available in people’s homes.  Please contact me if any of these items are a problem in the future.  Currently I am collecting newspapers and donations of tissue boxes are most appreciated.


  • Labs 50%
  • Test/Quizzes/Classwork 40%
  • Homework 10%

Make-Up Work: Students will have one week from the date they are absent to make up any missed assignments.  During activity time if students are finished early or after school students can see Ms. Rutz for any make-up assignments.  It is the student’s responsibility to get assignments and see Ms. Rutz if they need additional help in a timely manner.              

Lectures: Interactive lecture can be found at