MOG 101: How to make sure your posts draw an audience on mog.


We are psyched to feature your blog’s content on MOG! Posts from MOG Music Network af- 
filiates are a great addition to the posts made by our existing users (Moggers), which we hope 
you’ve had a chance to sample. 

The first (and last) thing you need to know about MOG is that we pride ourselves on being a real, 
sustainable community for passionate music fans. So please don’t think of MOG as just a black 
hole that sucks in your RSS feed – on the contrary. We do everything we can to shine a spotlight 
on your content, but becoming an active member of the community does even more. In doing 
so, you’re likely to gain a loyal following of Moggers apt to read and comment on your posts, 
and click through to your site. 

Just like your momma never let you leave home without clean underwear, we’d never leave you 
hanging high and dry without some survival tips on how to become a part of the MOG com- 
munity. We’ve also included a few tips on writing style that will help you draw more Moggers to 
your posts. Don’t feel like you need to take all of our suggestions, but the more you attempt, the 
better your chances for gaining a large MOG readership. 

So welcome, kudos, good luck and here goes… 


There are a few easy things that will quickly increase your visibility on MOG – and by extension, 
your blog’s visibility. 


The quickest way to make friends on MOG is to comment on Moggers’ posts, and to respond 
to comments left on your posts. Why? Commenting shows appreciation, almost like sending a 
gift. You like it when people read what they write and respond to it; naturally, so do Moggers. 
They will appreciate your participation, and are more likely to engage with your commentary. As 
for replying to comments left on your posts, it’s simple courtesy. 

Commenting also gives other people reading those posts a chance to see your pithy thoughts, 
which may lead them to check out your blog. The more comments, the bigger your MOG fan 
club will become. As your fan base grows, so does the chance that people add you to their list 
of “Trusted Blogs.” Once a Mogger adds you as a trusted blog, she receives an automatic notifi- 
cation every time you create a new post. Cha-ching! 

You can reciprocate by adding Moggers to your list of “Trusted MOGs”, or can use that as a first 
step to signal someone that you dig their writing; more on this later.  

Giving and receiving Trusted MOG/Blog status 

Regular Moggers signal their interest in each others’ musical tastes and writing styles through 
the trusted MOG designation. You should have created a MOG account as part of your MMN 
registration process, so you too can build up your list of trusted MOGs. The reverse works a 
little differently, 
because your content is created outside of MOG. Therefore Moggers who dig 
your posts can add you as a trusted blog (we know, it’s a bit confusing). The more people select 
you as a trusted blog, the more likely people are to read and comment on your posts. It’s the 
domino effect. Written as a formula: trusted MOGs/blogs = audience. One reason for that is 
simple: every time one of your blog posts shows up on the MOG site, all of the Moggers who 
have selected you as a trusted blog receive an email notification containing the headline of your 
post and a link so that they can read your post fresh out of your RSS feed. 

How do you add trusted MOGs/blogs?   

Each user profile on MOG features a link below its avatar that allows you to “Add to My Trusted 
MOGs” (for Moggers) or “Add to My Trusted Blogs” (for MMN affiliates). You can see these links 
on individual profile pages, as well as on each post across MOG. Once you click on that link, the 
Mogger (or MMN affiliate) will receive an email notification that you have added her as a trusted 
MOG/blog. MOG is filled with music lovers of all types and styles. We encourage you to browse 
through MOG profiles and add Moggers and MMN affiliates who have similar tastes and music 
styles as you to your list of trusted sources. Such kinship is what makes our community thrive. 

Typically, once you “trust” somebody, it’s a reciprocal process; that person will most likely “trust” 
you back (especially if you are providing good music news, reviews and other interesting info 
and commentary).  Once they add you as “trusted,” they will receive an email notification each 
time you post. 

Speaking of reciprocity, if you get a notification in an email that someone has added you as 
a trusted blog, it’s courteous to check out their page and if you dig their style, add them as a 
Trusted MOG. It builds trust, which often translates into that person reading your posts.  No 
pressure, you don’t have to, but it definitely helps to increase your visibility and makes you more 
of a participant in the MOG community. 

Replying to comments 

If you get an email saying someone has left a comment on your post – or if you see a comment 
on your post – try to comment back. We’ve mentioned this above, but just to reiterate, Moggers 
love knowing that their posts and comments are being read and appreciated. Commenting back 
builds trust and friendship, which inspires loyal readership. 

While there’s no 48-hour rule for commenting (this isn’t dating), replying promptly increases the 
chance that the Mogger is still online and sees your response. It doesn’t have to be the smartest 
line you’ve ever written. Even just a “Thanks (insert name here)” works fine. Make everyone feel 
loved by saying ‘hello’ or ‘thanks.’ 


If you already have a successful music blog outside of MOG you’re probably already a kick-ass, 
witty writer. You may still find some of these tips useful in fully engaging the MOG audience. 

Writing a good post is a bit like if you were a musician writing a good song. You’d put in a good 
hook. You’d think long and hard about a good title. The lyrics are critical. And just like you’d put 
your music in a cool CD case with a great cover, you can decorate your post with accessories 
that make it more appealing to your readers. Best of all, if you do it well you will develop many 
MOG friends and fans. Below are some quick tips on how to refine your bad-ass posts so they 
zing, sing and attract the most MOG readers possible. 

Post title 

As they say, first impressions are everything. Often since it is the first thing a reader sees, it’s 
important to make it sweet and direct, truthful yet perhaps funny.
Be clear about what your post it is about: 
a band, concert review, exclusive photos, etc. Craft a 
catchy title that provokes each reader to read the whole post.  Most people will browse through 
your post in a sea of a hundred on the MOG recent post page. Or if you have any trusted 
MOGs, they will receive an email notification, which includes the title of your post and a link to it. 
In either case, you need to grab their attention. 

Example of a bad title  
Blitzen Trapper 

Example of a good title  
New! Stream Blitzen Trapper’s “Furr” 

Bad title  
The Killers 

Good title  
Can You Guess the Title of the New Killers Album? 

Let your own voice shine through 

The most compelling music writers typically have their own distinct voice, humor and taste. Their 
zeal or passion for music shines through in their writing. We’re not gonna tell you who to be, but 
whoever you are – whether you are a punk die-hard or a country crooner lover, hipster or father 
of five – expose your true colors! 

Find a good hook 

The beauty of being an independent writer is that you AREN’T forced to cover music news 
like NME or Rolling Stone. You can write about the last wigged-out dream you had and the 
song within it, your latest Zimbabwean drumming obsession, or just stream-of-consciousness 
thoughts you had while driving home from work. If it is well-written, people will read it. In fact, if 
you are just regurgitating old music news that Rolling Stone or Pitchfork already covered, savvy 
readers probably won’t care about it. 

Ask questions 

You share your musical passions through writing, presumably to engage the interest and passion 
of others. A great way to engage your readers – whether on your own blog or on MOG – is to 
ask questions that your readership would be interested in answering. Ask them directly for their 
opinion, like you would a good friend. If it’s a CD review, ask what they think about the music. 
If it’s a post about the first time you heard Bob Dylan, ask them what their first experience was. 
The better the question, the more comments you will get. Can we say it again? Comments = 
reader love. Plus, some of their stories are interesting, humorous, and may even teach you 
something you didn’t know. 

Have fun!!!! 

It sounds trite, but the most important thing is to have fun. Browsing through MOG, commenting 
on other MOG posts, and adding trusted MOGs will not only increase your MOG readership, but 
also allow you to discover new music trends and tips as well. Once your posts and comments 
reflect your enthusiasm, the rest will follow: more readers, more MOG love, more loyal fans.  Yes, 
we know you’re busy, but even 15 minutes a day spent on MOG will pay back big dividends. So 
enjoy, explore, and kick ass, music friend/music fiend. Are you beginning to see the light? We 
hope so! 
The MOG Team