Summer School

Students who have failed a course may retake the course for credit through an approved summer school program.  Information is available in the Counselor's Corner, the main office, and through the links provided.

Educere - Mogadore Credit Recovery Courses - courses are for recovering failed credit only
Keystone Credit Recovery - online and correspondence courses for credit recovery and requires approval from a school official
TRECA - online summer school courses

Traditional summer school courses are designed to help students make up a course failed in the current school year only. Students, who do not meet the credit requirements for graduation or for advancement to the next grade level, must complete coursework through an accredited summer school, night school, online school, or through correspondence school.  A credit recovery program may not be used for course acceleration.  Please, read the following information to see which option is best for your son or daughter.  Contact the counselor if you have questions about make-up credit(s).  

Summer School
Traditional summer school courses are designed to help students make up a course failed in the the current school year only.  Summer school registration deadlines vary from school to school but are generally during the first week of June.  New information is added to the website as it arrives.  When attending a school , daily attendance is mandatory.  Upon successful completion of any summer school course, have the school official forward a transcript to Mogadore High School.  Use the links provided below to access information, calendars, and brochures.  Courses taken through a program that is not listed as NCAA approved may jeopardize your eligibility to participate in Division I or Division II collegiate athletics.

Apex Learning Virtual School offers summer school courses for secondary students and is NCAA approved
CompuHigh offers credit recovery courses for secondary students and is NCAA approved
Cuyahoga Falls High School offers credit recovery courses for middle & secondary students and is NCAA approved
Educere - Summer School Credit Recovery offers abbreviated courses for middle & secondary students starting at $97.50. 
Educere - Original Credit Courses offer NCAA approved courses starting at $149.50.
Keystone Credit Recovery offers courses for 7-12.  Counselor/Principal signature required for registration
Laurel Springs School offers credit recovery courses for secondary students and is NCAA approved
National High School offers credit recovery courses for secondary students and is NCAA approved
Six District Educational Compact offers middle & secondary summer school courses
TRECA Summer School Program  offers credit recovery courses for middle & secondary students
The Virtual High School offers credit recovery courses for middle & secondary students

 Correspondence School Option
American School's Independent Study Program provides high school students with the options of advancing or making up high school credits without interrupting their scheduled high school classes. American School will provide students with complete materials and service, including qualified teachers, standard textbooks, study guides, final examinations, and transcripts of credit.  At this time, American School courses may not be used to meet the NCAA core course requirements for initial eligibility for the NCAA Division I Academic Requirements or NCAA Division II academic requirements.  Use this link to view American School's Independent Study Brochure.  Independent Study courses range in price from $150-$300.  

To enroll in American School's Independent Study Program, see both the counselor and the principal for authorization.  For summer school courses, students complete coursework entirely on their own and take the final exam in August at the high school.  

*Seniors must have correspondence courses completed by the end of the third grading period to be eligible to participate in commencement exercises.  

Night School Option
Students who require additional credits for graduation have the opportunity to take evening classes.

Akron Evening High School held at North High is available for students to acquire additional credits.  Classes are run on a four semester cycle and are typically held twice weekly from 5 - 9 pm.  Cost ranges from $110 - $125/half credit.  Attendance is mandatory.  Contact Evening High School personnel at 330-761-2680. 

Canton City School District Adult High School also provides evening classes for high school students. Classes are held at Timken High school.  Each evening class meets four hours per week for 15 weeks.  Poor attendance will result in withdrawal from the program.  The cost for credits range from $40 - $80/half credit.  

Attendance is mandatory for all night school classes.  If you would like more information about night school options, please speak with the counselor.