Promotion & Graduation

Junior High Promotion Information
If a junior high student fails one core academic subject for the year, summer school is recommended for promotion to the next grade level.  A junior high student failing two or more core academic classes will be under consideration by their educational team for possible retention for the following school year.

 *Note to Eighth grade students intending to participate in the Spring Washington D.C. class trip: To be eligible for participation, a student must not be failing more than one academic subject by the end of the first semester.  Additionally, a student may not have acquired more that one out-of-school suspension, three in-school suspensions, or five detentions prior to the trip to be eligible for the trip.

High School Promotion Information
Mogadore High School students are promoted to the next grade level when the following requirements are met
    Requirements for Promotion
    Credits Needed
     Freshmen: Must complete four required core subjects and one elective by the end of the academic year to attain Sophomore status
     5 credits
     Sophomores:     Must complete eight required subjects plus two electives by the end of the academic year to attain Junior status10 credits 
     Juniors: Must complete eleven required subjects plus four electives by the end of the academic year to attain Senior status 15 credits
    *If you are concerned about the number of credits you have earned or are in need of additional credit information, please view the Missing Credit Options page or see the counselor.

    In addition to the End-of-Course exam requirements, the graduating classes of 2019 & beyond must meet the following course requirements set by the State Department of Education:
    • 4 credits           English
    • 3 credits           Social Studies
    • 4 credits           Mathematics
    • 3 credits           Science
    • 1  credit            Bus/Tech, Fine Arts, World Language
    • 1/2 credit         Health
    • 1/2 credit         Physical Education
    • 5 credits           Electives
    Total Credits required by the Mogadore Local School District to graduate = 21 credits 
    *Students who participate in marching band for two years may waive their physical education credit.

    To graduate with a High School Academic Diploma with Honors , students must fulfill 6 of 7 requirements set by the Ohio Department of Education, which are as follows:
    4 credits           Social Studies
    4 credits           Mathematics
    4 credits           Science
    3 credits           World Language (3 units of 1 language or 2 units of 2 languages)
    1  credit            Fine Arts
    GPA                  3.50+ on a 4.00 scale
    Test Scores    27+ ACT or 1280+ SAT
    (Writing sections should be excluded from scores)
    Pre-supposes fulfillment of credit requirements for Health, PE, American History, and American Government. 
    * Career-Technical Electives: 4 units of Career-Technical minimum. Program must lead to an industry recognized credential, apprenticeship or be part of an articulated career pathway which can lead to post secondary credit.
    * Career Technical Additional Assessment: Achieve the proficiency benchmark established for the appropriate Ohio Career-Technical Competency Assessment or the equivalent.
    If you would like to learn more about the Ohio graduation requirements, please visit the Ohio Department of Education website.