Financial Aid

The cost of tuition is on the rise.  Hardly anyone pays for a higher education with out-of-pocket monies anymore.  Many students have no other option than to pay for school with Financial Aid of some kind.  This includes loans, scholarships, and grants.  The information provided should help you decipher what options are available to help pay for college, and which will best suit the your needs and those of your family.

What is financial aid?  Financial Aid is any aid that helps you pay for college. Financial aid can come from a variety of government and private programs. 
  • Grants - based on financial need, usually do not have to be repaid
  • Scholarships - are competitive, do not have to be repaid
  • Loans - must be repaid after the student leaves college
  • Work Study - wages for work performed on campus (check with college's financial aid office)
From where does financial aid come? Financial aid can come from various sources such as federal or state government aid, colleges/universities, private foundations, local/national scholarships, and grants.  Don't think you should file? Read Financial Aid Myths, and you might reconsider your decision not to file.

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
Every year, high school seniors who are planning to attend a higher education institution, are able to complete the FAFSA online free of charge. Completing the FAFSA is free.  Use the link provided to ensure you are on the correct site before completing the application!  The application is a little lengthy.

What awards will you receive from FAFSA?  Awards from FAFSA can be in the form of loans or grants. Click here to see a list of available grants.   Click here to see a list of loans available through FAFSA.  

Financial Aid Deadlines!  There are federal and state deadlines for applying for financial aid.  Your college/university may also have a deadline so, check with their financial aid department.  Click here to view the deadlines for your state of legal residence and school year of attendance.  Pay attention to all deadlines!

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