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 Teacher Professional Support Division(TPSD)


Teachers are the corner stone of education system and they need to constantly update and upgrade new knowledge and teaching strategies/techniques through refresher/advanced courses for effective classroom delivery. McKinsey, 2007 has reported that the “quality of education cannot exceed the quality of teachers”. 

While there were many professional development (PD) providers for teachers, there was no single agency to oversee the PD processes and functions. The HRD had merely compiled the NBIP proposals, processed for HRC approval and collected the reports. The HRD could neither monitor nor carry out impact studies on PD programmes provided to teachers to ensure return on investment.

In April 2015, there were 8300+ teachers in the country, which included Principals, VPs, teachers (rgular and contract) and those on EOL and study leave. However, there was no dedicated body in the Ministry to consolidate and focus on teachers’ PD, monitor and evaluate for effectiveness.

Against this backdrop and as envisaged in the Teacher Human Resource Policy 2014, INSET Master Plan, and recommendation of the OD exercise 2014 to establish a dedicated division that will oversee professional development aspects of teachers in the country, the Ministry of Education has established the Teacher Professional Support Division (TPSD) under the Department of School Education with effect from 1st January 2016 vide Office Order No. MoE/HRD/OO/2015/79 and MoE/HRD/OO/2015/85 dated 31st December 2015 respectively. It has the approval of the RCSC vide letter No. RCSC/PPD-40/2015/716 dated 4th September 2015 and approval of the 92nd Lhengye Zhungtshog dated 11th December 2015.

TPSD was inaugurated on 19th August 2016 by the Hon’ble Education Minister. 


Two broad mandates are:

  •  Professional development for teaching professionals in the country
  • Teacher standard/competency 


The objectives are: 

  1.  To ensure that teachers possess required knowledge, skills, and aptitude
  2.  To promote continuous learning of teaching professionals
  3. To ensure access and equity of professional development for all teaching professionals
  4. To ensure quality assurance of INSET/PD programmes in the country

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