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Sherig Endowment Fund

The education system in Bhutan has made tremendous progress since the start of planned development. From a mere 400 children in 11 schools in 1961, there are over 171,000 children studying in about 540 schools as of 2015. The coverage of primary education or Net Primary Enrollment Rate stands at 95.2%, not including the approximately 2.5% students (6-12 years old) studying at other levels or in other forms of education. Commensurately, the enrollment continues to improve at the higher secondary and tertiary levels.

Despite the rapid progress, there is much concern on the quality and relevance of the education. The country is now challenged with the need to provide a quality education, which will enable each and every child to become a responsible and productive citizen of the country. 

Towards this end, the Government has pledged to institute an Education Endowment Fund, and accorded approval to establish Education (Sherig) Endowment Fund vide approval no. C-3/14/180 dated December 2, 2013 based on the decision of 14th session of the Lhengye Zhungtsho (Committee of Cabinet Ministers).

Subsequent to the government executive order, the Ministry of Education established  Education Endowment Fund on June 1, 2014 with the seed money of Nu 10 million. The Education Endowment Fund was officially launched on 23rd August 2016. The Fund will be managed by the Board under the chairmanship of Hon’ble Sherig Lyonpo supported by the Technical Committee. Teacher Professional Support Division, Department of School Education is the Secretariat of the Fund.

The main purpose of the Fund is to enhance the quality of teaching and learning through promotion of action research among schools .

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