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Our VIA at Foodbank on 21 March 2018

Packing of food items into boxes

A nice group picture of us at FoodBank!

Cabin Club had our first VIA Activity of the year on 31 January, when we went for cleaning of the elderly homes organised by Touch Home Care. Here are some photos as well as reflection by our students. 

Thank you Secondary 1 students for coming to our Games and Bonding Day on 24 January! We hope to see you in our Cabin Room to enjoy the facilities that we have. :) 

Here are some photos our Cabin members took!

Hula Hoop Chain 

Pong Tic Tac Toe

Flip a Cup


Stacking Cups

9th July - Visit to Fei Yue Senior Activity Centre

The visit to the elderly center was very enriching and taught the CABIN members important social skills as well as allow them to have fun interacting with the elderly. My favorite part was the bingo game we played, the elderly were very excited and i enjoyed watching them play and laugh. I hope to see them again soon! >.<
-Samantha (3E)

During the visit to the elderly care center, i thoroughly enjoyed my time there. The elderly were mostly very happy and smiled excitedly, shouting out 'I won!' or 'Bingo!' when they won the game. I was inspired by how easily their faces lit up when we were playing games. They seldom complained and most treated the students kindly, smiling at them when they interacted with each other. I hope to visit them again soon.
-Gelasia (3F)

Mexican Tequila

Cabin Bully Free Campaign 2018

@ Westwood Canteen 

on 5th & 6th July

During Recess Time

Come Visit Our Booth to play games and win prizes!!

We bid farewell to our 2018 seniors on 4 April. They have done a great job in leading the juniors and putting in their time and effort in making Cabin a great CCA for all. Thank you for all your contributions throughout the years. We will miss you!

Here's our President and Vice Presidents, handing over their self-made board to the soon-to-be new President and VP.

GOODBYE and ALL THE VERY BEST in your N's and O's!

Midellion Demo Regular

Midellion Demo Regular