2. Density


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Based on the apparatus provided, carry out an experiment to determine if the sample provided is pure gold. You are also required to complete a report. Complete the report using the template provided.

Hint: density of pure gold is 19.32g/cm3.

You can also click here view the method carried out by the police officers.

Floating Egg

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You've watched a demonstration, "Floating Egg" in class. Check out the video below for those who missed out on it.

Floating egg experiment

Before the next lesson, I want you to think about why the egg sink in regular tap water but float when salt is added to water.

psst... You may also want to check out photos of Dead Sea. Google for "dead sea reading newspaper" and click on images. Do you think we can do that at the East Coast Park beach too?

Crimewatch: Gold Ingots Scam (Part 1)

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Watch the video below for the first 8 min only.

Crimewatch: Gold Ingots Scam

You are the Investigation Officer (IO) at Tampines Police Branch. Mr Tan and Mrs Tan made a police report that they are victims of the gold ingots scam. Their report was assigned to you. After meeting them, you received the gold ingots from them.

Using scientific method that can be carried out in the lab, suggest how you can determine if the gold ingots are pure (100% gold). In your group discussion, list the materials you need and describe the steps to be carried out.

Hint: Use ideas on density

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