12th National Robotics Programming Competition (NRPC) 2018


“NRPC” has been a household name amongst schools since 2007. In 2016, in her 10th Anniversary, the school re-branded NRPC to become National Robotics Programming Competition, ensuring that the focus is on programming in line with Singapore’s SMART Nation initiative.  With this re-branding, this annual event organised by Admiralty Secondary School and partner institute Nanyang Polytechnic aims at challenging young minds by stretching their potential in robotics, including drones, and enhance the learning experience for our participants and promote the culture of thinking, innovation and collaboration in problem-solving.  


  • To engage students through a fun-filled learning experience. 
  • To provide a platform for students to express themselves in the area of critical and inventive thinking through collaboration. 
  • To explore the use of technology as a tool for creativity and innovation in problem-solving.
  • To involve parents as partners to nurture our young to discover interests and talent


The missions for this year’s National Robotics Programming Competition are as follows. 



Mission A – Robots and Automation in Logistics

Primary Category – student teams from Primary Schools

Secondary Category – student teams from Secondary Schools

Robotics Challenge


Mission B – Transport and Delivery through Drones

Primary Category – parent-student teams and student teams from Primary Schools

Secondary Category – student teams from Secondary Schools

Smart Programmable Drone Challenge

* Teams from Primary School for Mission B would be made up of parent – child teams as well as student teams, with each team comprising 2 members


The finals for this year’s 12th NRPC is held at Nanyang Polytechnic on 31 May 2018, Thursday.  More information for this competition is available in the Challenge Manual through the official website http://tinyurl.com/NRPC2018 from 8 March 2018. Registration is also open from this date. Registration closes on 23 April 2018.