Congratulations to all the winners!
See you in 2013!!

Dear all,
After an urgent meeting with the members of the organising committee, it was decided and agreed that there will be a new category introduced for this competition. This is in view of the feedback given by our honourable judges after our presentation rounds. Judges were very impressed by the quality of games submitted. However, since all the games had so much potential to do even better, they preferred if schools modified their games and compete again in the finals for the best game awards. As such, we are pleased to announce a new category called the "Best Modified Game Award".
With this, schools are allowed to modify (not recreate) your games. You may refer to feedback given by our judges below to help give you some ideas on how to improve on it.
Have a minimum of 3 levels to the game
  1. Please check the validity of facts used in the games. (preferably include a bibliography on where the infomation are obtianed from)
  2. Infuse the theme into the game more and avoid relying only on 'living green' questions. (Games which incorporate incidental learning' has a higher educational value)
  3. Provide a proper mission and incentives to the game to encourage players to continue playing so that they can accomplish the missions and not just end the game abruptly.
  4. Do get other kids to try out the game and give ideas on how they think the game can be more fun and challenging. 
Please submit to us the game in EXE and GMK format together with a short write up on the changes made to the game by 20 September 2012, 2359hrs.
In addition to that, please don't forget your 1 min video advertisement for the best video award. You may submit it together with the game. 
Thanks and regards,
2012 NPGCC
Organising Committee

CONGRATULATIONS to the following top 10 teams!

(in random order)

1) "Anchorlites" (Anchor Green Primary School)
2) "The Anti-Polluters" (Ahmad Ibrahim Primary School)
3) "Living Green" (Ang Mo Kio Primary School)
4) "Green Canberrians" (Canberra Primary School)
5) "ECO-WARRIORS " (Geylang Methodist School)
6) "Hildans’ Knights " (St Hilda's Primary School)
7) "Green Sparkles" (Tampines Primary School)
8) "Team GG" (Zhonghua Primary School)
9) "The Trillionaires" (Wellington Primary School)
10) "Riverlites1" (Rivervale Primary School)

The Presentation Rounds will be held in Wellington Primary School, Wings Studio room. It will be held on 6th August 2012 between 2.30 - 5.00 pm. Shortlisted teams are to come up with a PowerPoint presentation where team members will demo their games and present their objectives and rationale for creating it. After each presentation will be a short Q&A by the judges for the team members. Each team will be given up to 10 minutes for their presentation, inclusive of the Q&A. 

Teams that could not make it for the judging will be withdrawn from the competition.

Congratulations once again. We wish you all the best!

Thanks and regards,
2012 NPGCC
Organising Committee