Doing Well, Doing Good: Where Tech Geeks are born!

Welcome to the website for CPA @ GSS. Computer Applications (CPA for short) is a subject that all Normal Technical Stream classes will go through in their 4 years of secondary lives. 

The aim of the subject is to allow students to gain essential knowledge on computers and how it can affect our daily lives. Lessons are carried out based on Problem Based Learning (PBL) methodology and provide students with ample opportunity to showcase their creativity and innovation in their daily work.

This one-stop website will provide avenue for students to update themselves on the newest gadgets, understand the requirements to score well in the subject and complete their termly reflections.

They can even get to showcase their best daily assignments with the rest of their school mates. Top scorers of the Common Tests and Examinations will have the honor to get their names pinned onto the GSS CPA Hall of Fame!

The Hands-on Approach

In Greenridge Secondary, our tech geeks firmly believe in flourishing their creativity and knowledge in the kinaesthetic approach. They try out new things with different possible solutions to find out the best outcomes.

On top of that, they constantly reflect on what has been done or learnt during lessons to ensure that any doubts are cleared and the knowledge will be able to pass down to future tech geeks-to-be.