This Cyberwellness Ambassador Site of Punggol Secondary (道) is the brainchild of our Cyberwellness Star Ambassadors and our Cyberwellness Teacher Coordinators (Mdm Rosmiyati and Mdm Vidya) to initiate, create and monitor a Cyberwellness Google Site for all classes' Cyberwellness Ambassadors to place online articles to spread Cyberwellness awareness. 

Intent and Purpose:
  1. To provide an external platform to complement and support the Cyberwellness education as part of our values curriculum.
  2. To provide students with a platform to be involved with the planning of Cyberwellness programmes to heighten awareness of safety concerns and drive adoption of positive cyber habits within the student community
A. How it works:

On the 15th of every month (when the moon is bright and round), Cyberwellness Ambassadors will spread Cyberwellness messages to their classmates during Form Teacher time using this online portal. 

A) Cyberwellness Monitors Briefing on 23/1/2014

Please check in with the following form: LINK

for the presentation slides.

Topics For 
Upcoming Months!!!


Cyber Bullying

  • What is cyber bullying?
  • What are the kinds of cyber bullying?
  • Is it a criminial offence?
  • What should you do if someone bullied you over the cyber space?


Computer Security

  • Able to recognise a range of security threats such as Malware and spam and their consequence
  • Aware of ways to minimize security risks


  • Identify ways in which copyright has been violated.
  • Take steps to avoid infringement of copyright


  • Aware of safe and responsible blogging
  • Consequences of harmful blogging